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Planning Another Solo Vacation

2013-10-15, 3:44 p.m.

I spent the weekend thrift store shopping. There were several festivals going on this weekend, but I somehow did not feel the enthusiasm for going to any of the ones running this weekend. Instead, I went around to all the stores in town. I bought a blouse for my Halloween costume several months back and now I can't find it even though I've cleaned my place recently, so I was trying to look for something else to sub in.

I eventually found a blouse for it...along with a fancy silver top, a cute wacky Disney shirt the likes of which I hadn't seen before, a velvet dress, a rainbow belt, a COMFORTABLE corset from Victoria's Secret for $10 (no joke!) and some yarn and some books...I found out that our new Goodwill REALLY goes all out for Halloween and they had tons of the "costume in a bag" stuff that cost $20 rather than $65, and plenty of props and assorted items. I even saw leather (or "leather") for $5-20. Impressive! I really shouldn't go shopping on this level...but hey, at least it's cheap. Though maybe not as cheap as you think after hitting 3 stores.

So, once upon a time, I used to go with my friends to a certain hippiecon. Then the friends went all to hell, and I no longer had people to go with or stay with. Seeing as I had no way to get there on my own and the like, I've stayed home the last couple of years. Last year Merry went and two days before the con was all, "I'm going! Are you going?" and I seethed and was all, "Didn't I ask you to tell me if you were going MONTHS AGO?" Sigh.

Well. The con has been sending out e-mails about making your hotel reservations, starting today. I knew that was a next to long shot sort of thing to actually get one at the hotel (i.e. Merry has told me she could never get through when she tried), but...I actually had the time to attempt to call in today--and only today, since the other two call-in days I will either be not in control of my time or on vacation with Mumsy/still not in control of my time :P While I never got through whatsoever, I started checking the listings of the overflow hotels. I couldn't get into any of them either--plus they were a lot more money--but I ended up finding an extended stay joint that's 10 minutes from one of the overflows on the shuttle route that was cheaper, and took my insurance discount, and has a reasonable cancellation policy.

So....I booked it. Because now I can drive my own ass there and back, and have the credit enough to book a place alone. It will be kind of a bummer to go alone (dunno if Merry will actually go or not, she is making noises about attempting to but who knows if she'll be able to book a room where she wants, see above) and to keep running into the ex-friends, at least one of whom apparently hates my guts and then the ones that I know do not treat me just as frostily when that one is around. That will...not be fun. But oh well.

I'm going on another solo vacation, folks. Not with the same stakes as the other one, but hey, at least it'll be fun.

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