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"I Feel Like It's Very Safe Here."

2020-10-15, 8:05 p.m.

Today's staff meeting:

* There are NO plans to go back to the office, none. BigBoss even started out the meeting asking if everyone had given up hope on going back to the office. Yes.
* Apparently Lioness is refusing to get a flu shot, just because she doesn't wanna and never had to before, so why should she do it now? (So much for my telling her what it's like to get the flu.) Since that has become a requirement for the giant org, does anyone know what to do about that when she can't get an exemption, and do we have to care as long as Lioness doesn't actually go back to the office? Uhhhhhh....
* I asked how we're supposed to submit evidence of said flu shot. Nobody knows!

Then we attempted to talk about the new rumor that we're all going to be closed down with no pay at Christmas. Unfortunately my office is insisting on having a few people working, because "if we turn the phones off, they just call me," says BigBoss. So nobody knows whether or not people can go on vacation or will be forced to or what. (Meanwhile, I wanted to say that other giant orgs ACTUALLY FULLY CLOSE, and a sister giant org of ours is shutting down for two weeks, paid, specifically BECAUSE people need some relief from Covid-19. But not us, never us, noooooooooo.)

Then we were asked to say what we wanted to do regarding vacation. I said I would like to take the usual minimum of days off I normally do, but because I'm the only one without a family and I can't go anywhere, if they need me to, I will volunteer to work. I don't really wanna, but of all of them, I literally can't go anywhere or see anybody and will be just trapped at home, so I might as well give up on resting for the holidays and work. Sad but true.

Lunch with Yemi was interesting because she was telling me wackadoo stories about living in Midtown. She claims it's safe (well, she lived in Stockton at some point, by comparison, perhaps?), but given her stories, I am suspecting ... .not. I used to hang out in Midtown when I was going to the Comedy Spot and I really didn't run into much trouble, but her neighborhood sounds.... well. She mentioned the following:

* the former meth addict perennially yelling for "Joey" and one night Joey actually showed up.
* the time she found random meth out on the sidewalk
* the time two guys were fighting at 3 a.m. over talking to a girl at a party. "I guess bros were definitely not before ho's."
* the domestic violence incident at New Year's.
* watching someone get held up at gunpoint outside her window.
* watching a prostitute hit up a guy at a gas station and losing it when he said no.

She said she watches through the window like an old lady, but has to make sure she's not holding one of the cats. I repeat: "I feel like it's very safe here." ....ooookay?...

Anyway: I didn't get to sending very many emails today (still not caught up) because I had Seasonal Project to do, which is mostly done after today. Huzzah. It was actually a pretty pleasant day, for my job.

After work, I was too tired and hungry to walk around the house and memorize lines. Instead I made tiny Halloween cats in costume still after face-stuffing.

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