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2004-10-16, 9:35 p.m.

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The apartment is (almost entirely) done and ready to move into this weekend. Well, except for a few key elements such as lack of shower bar and towel racks and a floor on the bottom of our new second closet in the bathroom *sigh*.

Before moving in, Jess got the idea to do some spells on the apartment to bless, cleanse, and ward off evil from the place after all the crap the apartment has gone through. So we headed off to a few stores to stock up on candles, sea salt, incense, etc. and supplies to make witch bottles and the like.

We burned some incense, lit some candles, sprinkled some salt around the entryways, etc. The place could certainly use it! Afterwards we had a carpet candy picnic and did some tarot readings, which the apartment manager walked in on. Heh. After that, we went back to Jess's to make witch bottles to leave around the house.

Another list of disasters today! It was both horrible and comical at the same time.

William went back to Jess's parents today. (Can't recall if I've explained this before or not, but he goes to school in their town. Which is pretty good because even on a good day William is somewhat brain-frying. He wasn't too bad this time) They showed up to get him around 10:30, and I was freaking flabbergasted.

"Oh, we've got something for EVERYONE!" they said. William wasn't to receive his gift until he got home, presumably because it was something that would overshadow everyone else's. Julian got stickers. Mike got hot sauce, which Julian borrowed and poured all over his (own) dinner later. Ouch. They even got the dog a (probably fairly expensive) fake meat chew toy. They got something for EVERYONE.

Except Jess, if you've noticed. Their own child, to who they bragged on the phone to yesterday that they'd gotten gifts for EVERYONE, didn't bother to get her anything. Unless you count the free picture of Buddha they got and handed to Mike as "for her."

Her parents continued to be sweet and lovely, bragging that Jess's sister was visiting from Belgium for Christmas...and ahem, they did not want Jess or any of hers, including William, there for the holiday.

Why they don't like her, we have no idea, but they sure as hell haven't been subtle about it today. I cannot fucking believe these people. How can you feel like that about your own child and be so damned obvious and cold and rude about it? I don't get it.

Anyway, everyone was glad to see the backs of them (and hope the door hit them in the ass, etc.). Ye gods.

The weather has been predicted to rain like fucking cats and dogs for three days starting tomorrow, so I wanted to get everything out of my storage boxes and get the bed in today.

The boxes got dropped off around 1:30, and we got the bedroom boxes and furniture hauled in without incident. However, when we opened the living room box, whoa, the upholstered furniture reeked. Ended up getting a new papasan chair cushion (majorly on sale, yay), but the couch and LazyBoy are a loss that may end up going to Salvation Army if they want to spend the time and money destinking them. Furniture shopping is probably going to have to go on again. Even my mom thought the old furniture shouldn't enter the apartment and stink it up again.

Even grosser than the stinky furniture, the moving people packed all the food into boxes and left them in the storage. Mixed in with dishes, including dishes in the "to be washed" pile in August. EWWWWWWWWW. Another thing we need to get: six vats of trash bags to throw all of that out.

My mom had a time and a half getting my bed into town. She had to rent a truck because all the relatives flaked out, one that she could barely drive while on cushions. She forgot to pack all the bed supplies, and for that matter, everything but toilet paper. (Hence, she shall return tomorrow.) When she finally got to the bed warehouse, they lost the bed I'd fallen in love with and wanted in the first place. Which really ticked me off. They did give her a "better" bed (i.e. it cost more) by the same manufacturer, though.

It's not quite as soft as the one I wanted was, but it's probably the second softest I've ever seen. It's also bloody huge, and when the bed was assembled, it came up to mid-thigh on me. Anyone who falls out may get a concussion, it's that high. Massive.

I am back at Jess's for tonight- frankly, after getting the bed in everybody was tired and overloaded. And I sure as hell am not set up to "live" in the joint quite yet, with no food or dishes (the dishes that didn't get broken probably all have to be thrown out at this point. I should get plastic or paper plates so I won't lose anything precious in the next disaster.) or shower setup or uh, furniture beyond one papasan chair with a now-twice-replaced cushion.

Gah. So much work to do, and plenty of rain to interfere with it for the next few days. This'll be especially fun since Heather's going to try to move in tomorrow night. I hadn't the heart to tell her about the predicted rain.

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