Chaos Attraction

1776 (Actual Play This Time)

2016-10-16, 7:39 p.m.

On Saturday, I helped Dawn shop for her Halloween costume--which is to say we went to Goodwill and she found everything she needed while I wandered around not being helpful and looking at weird stuff. There is some kind of odd shopping karma I give her--if I go shopping with her, she finds everything she wants. Go figure. This also happened when we went to the art store for her to pick up Sculpey.

On Sunday, I went to an impromptu theater show--Mom talked me into seeing 1776, playing in Walnut Creek. It was supposed to be a generally rainy day that day, but I checked the weather report a ton of times and it wasn’t supposed to be bad on Sunday. Uh, nope, it was pouring rain so hard I was terrified while driving and couldn’t see. That was a joy for an hour. See, this is why I hate winter: it’s dark, cold, raining, and I don’t want to do anything and I can’t see shit. Oh well, at least the show was good.
I hate that the bad weather (if not the cold yet, at least) is kicking in so early. Usually it waits until after the time change to get this soaking wet. I’m losing my mojo early this year, and it sucks.

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