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In Which The Sanity Fairy Arrives?

2020-10-16, 8:08 p.m.

Today was monthly (monthly? it was every 2 months but now is every month?) Share Day. Quotes from the day:

Lioness: "I have to hide my beautiful smile behind a mask, now I have to hide my ears behind headphones?" "Well, if we don't laugh, we're gonna cry..."

One guy shows a shot of him holding a bunch of rocks and possible sea glass: Lioness: "I hope you left them there!" Guy: "I left them IN MY HAND...." My boss: "How dare you pick up the garbage!"

My old boss who still works here: "We were prisoners of the Queen Mary for a day...." when she was a kid.

My boss did a "fun facts about Long Beach" thing (see above) and mentioned that she once saw Snoop Dogg cruising through the high school parking lot. "Snoop Dogg is my inspiration."

I had a phone conversation with one of the ombuds people today during lunch and it went really well, actually. She had various sensible solutions ranging from "If you think you're going to get fired, maybe do that voluntary buyout thing" or "try HR" to how to deal with management in all of the shaming meetings. Which I had today after lunch, of course. (I put the dissent collar back on.) She said instead of turning on the camera, I could prove I am paying attention in other ways, and mirror back what they are saying to me, stuff like that.

However, a freaking miracle happened. Did a Sanity Fairy suddenly show up and make everything rational and reasonable? I do not know. Possibly it had something to do with my boss having a major fuckup today, though frankly I do not think it's her fault. I saw the giant chain of insane emails and frankly, it looks like she got told to do (Thing We Normally Don't Want To Ever Do Here Unless Forced To) and then nobody was at all clear about spelling out, "Just Because We Sent You That Doesn't Mean We Actually Wanted You To Do That." Then my boss had BigBoss being all "what's going on?" and my boss being embarrassed and being forced to undo (Thing We Don't Wanna Do, For Good Reason) everything, though BigBoss later read the emails and was all "I didn't see that either." Note to folks: if you want someone to pay attention to something, put it at the top of the email, or in bold, or something.

Anyway, she was a half hour late to the meeting because she had to deal with that (and canceled our other meeting in the late afternoon), so the meeting was only a half hour long and both of them were very sane about the whole thing and even gave me some helpful tips that I agreed with. I am allowed to send emails with regards to my specialty now, but to still get advice on the special stuff/stuff I don't know, which FINE BY ME, IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT on that one. So, whew. I felt a LOT better after that.

I walked/read lines for about an hour, then sat outside reading for about an hour. Huzzah. Later Idid more lines again, so I've been going over lines for 7.5 hours now. It's a lot and do I remember anything?

Back to watching Roswell, "American Woman." I love (in a depressing way) Liz saying that she and her sister always had escape plans as to if their parents got busted and she didn't want Santa to know where they lived in case he wanted papers. Awwww. Also amusing: Isabel wondering if she can have a baby and Michael (note: her adoptive(?) brother, at least not biological) offers to "raise the White Walker, play the pink guitar" and get a turkey baster. Followed by "Are you telling me you would donate your alien baby gravy?" LOLOLOLOLOLOL. "You should have never said baby gravy." Also an "oh, this show:" "Your grandmother was my sister." "That explains a lot." Later: "As long as you're not proposing to my great-great-grandniece. The branches of this family tree are twisted enough."

Later in "Crash Into Me:" "I'm your cool aunt Isabel." There's a line where Rosa talks about how Liz now sounds like an actual mom "who gives a duck," followed by a remark about how "I just discovered what autocorrect is, and it's hilarious." "I am NOT using my friendship with your girlfriend to steal alien steroids for you." "She's avenging her dead lover." "I love a good telenovela." "She's great with kids, absolutely was NOT fired from every babysitting job she ever had."

Mr. Jones: "Hi, your specials are "stake me to your leader" and "unidetrified chicken." There's another reference to the Ortecho's mom and how she should "go duck yourself." "We are sick of you being so obnoxiously yourself."

I haven't tried to contact Scott this week. Mostly because I've felt like shit this week. Now I don't, but I don't know what to say again.... Well, hopefully I'll be able to talk to him on Sunday.

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