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2019-10-17, 9:23 p.m.

Well, I’ve been fucking mortified all day and night. Did not want to go to rehearsal. Had a headache for most of the day. Debated just not going and it’s not like I do anything much in act 1 anyway. Debated just coming in super late instead. Ended up arriving early because there’s now another group trip being planned to go see Rocky Horror (Not Picture) Speakeasy Theater Show that Original Blonde Sarah is in, and apparently that show is one where you have to dress up like the 1920’s. I hit the local thrift stores before rehearsal but found nothing and somehow ended up hella early.

I emailed my shrink and she was amused by the whole thing. “Red faced girl, it’s all good.” Uh-HUH.

Anyway, he came in late and wanted a hug when he came in, so...I guess he’s fine?... had conversations like usual... I swear he’s doing it again. Mostly just talked about costume shopping. I asked if he heard back from Matthew and he did not.

Actual rehearsal notes not involving emotional drama: we’re back at Act 1 and my one line said offstage again. I am getting a lot of work done on my Halloween costume here. And speaking of costumes, the costume committee, consisting of Germaine and Dona, were there with a rack of old dresses. They got the sizes of kids and talked about all the various costumes the kids have to have. Trent and Bridget basically snuck out early and obviously Cameron was not doing that. Alexis is working on the music and talked to most of us about what to do about that. She also expressed interest in going to karaoke and I was all uh...well, if s it’s going on we can take you.... awkward. Scott and I just hung around.

I had a fun time talking to the costume team about stuff, so there’s always that. As for mine, we decided on black pants, white shirt, some kind of colorful vest/bow tie, top hat. Hopefully Germaine has a vest/bow tie. I can go find a hat.

Quote Corner:

We now have a stage manager, Drew from the Viewing Room auditions, who I guess was also in last year’s Christmas show.
“Do you know what a stage manager is?” -Anita.
“No:” -kid
“That means I get to boss you around.” -Drew

“I got to punch a guy. That was the highlight.” -Drew on his role last year.

“I wish I could play a whiny Pilgrim.” -me
“I’m sure we could get you in the background.” -Trent

“He’s such a twinkly Santa Claus for a Jewish guy.” -me on Mr. Abromowitz as played by Trent (note: even has white beard)

Germaine is ordering a Jesus costume online. “It’s coming from China, big surprise.” She is also going to buy a $20 “crappy turkey costume” online as well.

“We won’t have a Siamese twin.” -Anita. Doesn’t this make my one line pointless then, since I am advertising for such?
“That’s not very politically correct.” -Germaine
“This play is not very politically correct.” -Anita

“Who’s the bearded lady?” -Germaine, looking at a cast list
“William. He’ll probably never show up.” -Anita.
Me: wait, whaaaat?

“This play is not going to make sense to me.” -Germaine
“This play is not going to make sense to anyone.” -Cameron

“Let’s face it, neither of us is going to make a Santa suit.” -Germaine

“I’m a grandma and I wouldn’t be caught dead in a housedress any more.” -Germaine as they discuss Gail/Older Shirley’s possible wardrobe

I snuck out while Scott was talking to Anita. I’m still feeling weird.

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