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Birthday Party Weekend

2010-10-21, 9:04 a.m.

So I spent last weekend at a bunch of birthday parties in the Bay Area. Anna's on Saturday and Jackie's on Sunday. Anna's was mostly coworkers. I wasn't too worried about the social aspects of that one because she usually hangs out with cool people. I do find it funny to hear about how working in a lab seems to be a giant soap opera, though. If I was a smarter person, I would have wanted to become a scientist, so it's kind of nice to live vicariously.

I was more worried about Jackie's party because uh... she tends to have a large number of old friends who, as far as I can tell, are very jerky people. But she's loyal, so she doesn't dump them. Much to my surprise, most of the folks she invited turned out to be okay, thank goodness. I particularly liked her grad school friends, who were chatty and fun, and the coworker of hers I sat by, and her cousin.

The party was at a tea house, and it was kind of funny because uh... yeah, we had no idea what to do with the tea. Apparently you were supposed to put a tea strainer over the cup before pouring and then put it into another container... and we were all so uncouth that we had no idea. We also had tiny tea sandwiches that had the same sort of effect on us that eating sushi does: "How did I eat six small items and am now full?" But it was a fun experience. I actually found a tea I liked and drank way more of it than I should for a girl who was spending most of the day on public transport, hah.

I was, however, wigged out on BART for most of Sunday. Mostly because there was a phone number snafu (Jackie changed her number and screwed up the digits. Some poor bastard named Zach totally hates me now.) and I ended up standing around in the SSF station for 45 minutes hoping to god she'd call me, because I couldn't do a darn thing to get ahold of her. Okay, so if one must be stuck waiting in a BART all alone, that's the one to be waiting in because nothing's happening and it's low on creeps, but I was still wigged. And then on the way back I thought I could catch a train directly to the Amtrak connection, but since that train didn't show up, apparently not. Then I freaked out that I was going to miss it, and I had to make a weird transfer (they kept switching what station to transfer at!). I didn't miss it, but I was pretty nervous. Which I always am in cities. How the hell am I ever going to move to a city if I act like this? Sheesh, I am such a suburban girl.

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