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The Third RenFaire This Fall

2015-10-18, 10:25 p.m.

Friday night: went to improv shows, which I haven’t done in a few weeks--been busy. I have felt like I’m...I dunno, losing the plot or goal, I guess? Which I am since I am not in any class and can’t even go to practices right now. Grrr. I haven’t even written up the last time I went to lab/jam and that was a few weeks ago. Anyway, I ran into a guy from 101 and hung out talking with him for awhile about things, which was fun.

This month’s musical was “Highway Patrolling For Chicks” and involved a cop and his girlfriend breaking up, and then it turns out that the criminal who killed his father is the girlfriend’s dad. Fun lines were “I named her Trixie for my dick, not everybody else’s dick,” and “I said them all” (the Miranda lines), “I just sprinkled in some bitches.”

Saturday I went to the Folsom Renaissance Faire with Dawn, which was a good time. I ddin’t spend too much, which is great for me--just a few cheap things. We saw some dancing, some whips and cracks (a guy cracked 8 whips at once), and a juggler show, and a joust, and a clothing lecture.

Oddly enough, there were total random freak rainstorms going on off and on for 5-15 minutes at a time throughout the day, which was...not the best. I know, I’m not allowed to say anything bad about rain now, but I’m just saying, why can’t it happen from midnight till six a.m. or so? We lucked out in being under cover while eating when one sudden storm started, and I did manage to snag an umbrella before I left the house so there was that. On the other hand, I should have done the same with a jacket. The best moment regarding that was at the dance show, where the redheaded dance mistress--who had other choice lines like “The best way to get your band to show up for a show is to marry him,” and “I’m the dance mistress, of course I’m a hussy”-- well, when the skies started pouring again she threw up her hands to the sky and screamed, “WE HAD A DEAL!” I love her and I think the love is mutual because she was impressed I came with an umbrella.

Other shows: Dawn loved the juggler because he kinda did what I call the “Cirque de Soleli” thing, i.e. “if you screw up and then get it right, people cheer even harder.” She found it hilarious. I think in this show Dawn was the “good heckler” who laughed at everything. On the opposite side from us was a guy in a pimp hat who was the “bad heckler” yelling out things. It was all a giant hoot and hours later, Dawn was still laughing about it all. I told her she was doing what I call “baby fishmouthing,” because for whatever reason, after I saw “When Harry Met Sally,” for YEARS AND YEARS I would randomly think of the “baby fishmouth” scene, start laughing, have to explain to someone why I was laughing, and then they would reasonably look at me funny for it.

Dawn also enjoyed the “Whips and Cracks” show, which got funny after people who sat in the front row realized they should move a few rows back. And this one little kid--maybe 7 or 8 years old--came in about 1/3 of the way through and sat in the front, and was not easily dissuaded from moving from that spot even when everyone was warning him not to. Then he moved....also the front row, just some seats down...and generally didn’t seem to get what was going on, but in a funny way.

And there was also the jousting, which I’ve never actually bothered to go see before. It was interesting because we were sitting on the side that had to root for the black knight, who was playing a total douchebag who kept whacking other people, including fake-killing his own squire. But he won, so.....

Anyway, we had a good time, got some favors (i.e. “pieces of flair”) for playing Renaissance board games, and hung out from open till closing.

On Sunday, I went to an open house for a lecture club I’m in, where I haven’t shown up to a lecture meeting since oh, February. Which I feel bad about, so here I am again. I picked up a few cheap books, but otherwise restrained myself on shopping, so yay for me. This was followed up by going to knitting group and the grocery store. Woot.

I think next week I need to relatively take the weekend off and not do so much stuff.

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