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More Dental Drama

2015-10-19, 10:26 p.m.

So I am having dental drama once again. Had the checkup two weeks ago and they were basically all, “Yeah, you’re back to having whopping problems again.” Apparently this is all because I do not buy brand spanking new electric toothbrushes every few months. Yes, that is apparently a thing, so now I'm on three different kinds of mouthwash use and a heavy returning to the dentist schedule and it now takes twenty minutes to fucking scour the Shire at night. Gah.

So now I have to get (a) my roots cleaned again, (b) another filling replaced because they chipped one while they were cleaning the roots, and probably eventually (c) gum surgery, all because it is anatomically impossible to super clean in the waaaaaaaaaaaay far back of my mouth. (Pretty much everything in my mouth is too small, even beyond gagging issues.) AW FUCK.

Except for the last one of those, which will be a joy to look forward to in 2016, I am having dental appointments every other Monday for awhile in which my teeth get scraped and stabbed and I can’t eat most of the day. Or in today’s case, couldn’t talk for most of the day either. This was actually kinda fun when a homeless guy tried to hit me up and then I went into the office and was all, “I canNOT answer phones right now.” Sadly, this didn’t stop people in person from asking me questions I wasn’t up to answering, but I got out of two hours of phones. So hah, I guess there was some slight good to that.

In other news, Meg is also having dental drama and I recommended my dentist to her. Amusingly enough, it turns out that during her appointment she found out he also does ceramics and she arranged for him to join our current ceramics class as a “guest artist.” So when I went in there today....well, I have a weird thing about not being sure if I recognize somebody out of context from where I normally see them, so I was all, “Is” until he clued in that I was there as well. Long time no see!

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