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The Sanity Fairy Visited My Mom

2020-10-19, 8:19 p.m.

I took yesterday off from working on my lines, as I'd worked on them for 9 hours and did each section 4 times a piece. I went back to it today during break and remembered almost all of the lines from the first section, so yay. So far it seems like the only lines I have trouble with involve baby's bottles and rubber nipples, which tells you.... something :P The food lines in general, I think.

You know what, I am tired of this being a "non-smoking" complex and yet most of my neighbors smoke and smoke and the upstairs one above me is now smoking pot all day. Not that they have anything else to do, I'm sure, and under normal circumstances I don't give a shit on that one, but now I think "oh, great, I smell pot, now I might be inhaling your COVID" and have to go inside. I hate people so much. I went out off and on after work because of it, sigh.

Work: One of my coworkers is apparently on new medication that made her sleep all weekend and she was afraid to take it on a workday, for obvious reasons. Add it to the pile of "other reasons why I have issues with the idea of taking psych medication" there.... said she can't even tell if it's doing anything for her or just making her sleep through her issues. Again, I just don't get the whole "you will definitely have horrible side effects for six weeks immediately and we have no idea if it'll make you feel better or not, pig in a poke" thing of psychiatric medication. I'm not judging others for doing it, I just don't get how the hell I am supposed to get on that roller coaster because it doesn't sound good.

Other than that, it was a pretty chill day, thankfully, didn't get in trouble as far as I know, and Grandboss randomly wanted to "butter me up" to possibly make her a craft? I said talk to me later. Otherwise, got through about 2 hours worth of emails with everyone, so there's that.

Mom actually.... well, I think the Sanity Fairy must have landed again because she responded sanely to all of my text and email pleas:

On text, she liked my "It's not safe to do that" response to the Thanksgiving invite, and then eventually said "I understand about Thanksgiving. Roger and I agree with that as well."

On Thanksgiving: "I will read all this later but we will not be going to Evan/Stephanie/s for thanksgiving. We will most likely be at Roger’s house. Please realize we both are concerned for all as well. I will share this with Roger tonight." "We are conscious about being safe. We do not know how many people others have been in contact with so we do keep that in mind. We are doing our best to not be infected." "We will see what happens between now and then."

On funerals: "thanks for sending this. Very important and I will read this. Thanks again." Me: "Thank you for considering. Her: "I will always listen to you."

boggle faint thud at that last one!

Other than that, didn't do much tonight besides try to go outside in between pot smoking bouts, walked around memorizing lines more, and I wrote to Monica last night and heard back: she's trying to get her teaching credential and her business is not doing so well under current circumstances, but they are going to see how it goes for the next few months. I watched the Hamilton Town Hall.

I also listened to the David and Georgia Tennant podcast interview, about which there have been a lot of articles the last few days. I'm fascinated by the whole thing, particularly the how they got together parts of it. They have a 14 year age gap (worse than mine :P) and he had reservations about it, so good for him.

"Whilst Georgia explained that it was her who did all the running in the early days and that she instigated the relationship to begin with “I very much forced it into happening,” she said. “I was very much the driving force. Had I not worked quite so hard, it might not have happened.” Georgia joked with David during the chat “You couldn’t quite believe that’s why I was messaging you 400 times a day. You thought maybe I was lonely and wanted a chat… I very much fell into stalker category. Thank goodness I did though. I just made a decision, I thought, ‘This is going to be good, let’s do this, I’ll just persevere until he gives in.”‘

His POV:

"That makes it sound like I was resistant, which was not what happened. I thought we were an unlikely life partnership, I suppose. There is a bit of an age gap. Because 'Doctor Who' had run through my life like a stick of rock, to end up marrying the daughter of one of the Doctors, it all felt a bit stupid ... that wasn't really likely to happen. So there were a lot of things against it."

....Yeah, this was a wee bit deja vu-ish even though god knows I do not chase, nor do I send anyone 400 messages.

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