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Tea With The Queen

2018-10-20, 8:35 p.m.

Today I went to the Renaissance Faire in Casa de Fruta with Jackie, which was a great distraction from yesterday's special hell.

Poor Jackie was exhausted by having to get up at 5 to drive there so that kind of buzzkilled things for her, but she seemed to enjoy the rest of it well enough. I did ask her about how to get a technical writer job and she said she'd send me how she does her resume and see if she can find out who the recruiters in this area are for that.

Before going into the faire, we got there a little early and I took her on a tour of Casa de Fruta. We saw peacocks (including a baby peacock), I bought wine and sorbet, we did free wine tastings and got a little drunk and then rode on the kiddie train. Fun times!

She is "not into shows" but consented to go along to the ones I wanted to see. I made her go to Broon twice and she actually liked him (and then wanted to set me up with him, hah hah, not happening). I think she was less into "Manly Men in Tights," and to be fair I've kind of gotten over that one in the last few years, but they're "retiring the show" after tomorrow so I figured I'd see it one last time. I skipped making her watch the Shakespeare show since literally nobody I've ever made watch that show liked it for some reason (also this year it was Richard III).

Sometimes when you go with different people you end up doing different things. In this case Jackie wanted to go to the joust here. I go to it in Folsom usually and went to it in San Jose this year, but it was pretty freaking packed at this show and a bit hard to see what was going on. The Folsom/San Jose Knights of Mayhem mostly just joust, but this one didn't do that much jousting and mostly had the guys getting off their horses and swinging weapons at each other in the dirt. They had four guys in various matches from "England," "Spain," "France," and "Scotland." The "Scotland" guy was going around with no shirt and with a kilt on and all the girls, including the Queen, loved him.

We also went to Tea with the Queen, because Jackie goes to teas everywhere. I think she was not as impressed by the food (two scones, four tea sandwiches, three tarts) but we did get tiny teapots at the end, and we got to listen to what Queen Elizabeth 1 wanted to talk about--which was (a) Boys are fickle and Romeo would have gotten over Juliet after 24 hours so she should have married Paris, and (b) did you know that if you put a bunch of boy bunnies together they'll kill each other? I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT TOPIC OF CONVERSATION. Even funnier was when the Queen asked if anyone knew about animal husbandry and Jackie thought she meant beastiality.

I got two pins--one about Ravenclaw downing a Red bull and saying they can figure this out and another about destiny--but that was about it. I fell in love with a purple overdress but they did not have it in my size whatsoever, sigh. Saved me $220 that I probably shouldn't be spending since I should be saving for a future fired fund.

Anyway, I had a very good time. I love anything that gets me out of my life

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