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A Quiet Work Day

2020-10-23, 8:32 p.m.

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Work: I actually was mostly out of work to do for most of the day. Had a few meetings, brought up stuff, but seriously had like several hours of legitimately nothing to do but wait around for more emails to come in. During training, we found out that at New Girl's previous giant org, they really do Halloween big there, whereas here they are disappointing. I'm seriously wondering why she wanted to leave that org when ours sucks so bad. Maybe someday I'll get up the nerve to ask.
Anyway, I diddled about trying to think of stuff to work deleting old emails level of that. I didn't sleep well last night and mam, I should have called in sick today of all days :P

I checked on my ballot with the ballot tracker and it still hasn't shown up as being received by the polling office after five days. I looked up how often ballots are supposed to be picked up--every few days--and emailed the county and got a nice form email back saying that they were backlogged and just picked up ballots through the 20th. Okay then, cool! Whew!

Still having fun brainstorming with Kelly and Shanna about the holiday play, mostly about turning Tailwind into a holiday show by having the boys fart a Christmas song, and then she wants to write a sequel about Erica and Joanna at a cookie party.

I think I pretty much have all my lines down, more or less, at this point, at about 1.5 hours of drilling each section. Good job, me.

I got a Baby Yoda with a magnet in the butt so you can sit him on your shoulder, which I tried out today. I wore it to rehearsal but nobody seemed to notice? I had my last short rehearsal for Charlotte's Web tonight--after that they're all 2.5-3 hours long. It was a long scene and I have about two lines in the middle of it, so mostly I just knit again.

Notes from that: What's Homer's middle name? Simpson? Luigi? Sean on Templeton finding the word "radiant:" "Do you see these words that I labored ALL NGIHT to find?" Sean also thinks Lurvy the hired hand may be able to talk to animals and just doesn't know it. Jett (Avery) was trying out different filters. Very Avery of you. Wilbur has to do various acrobatic flips and things in the script. Kallie did her best on that, Sean liked it. (Another thing I'm not sure how that's gonna go....) "I think a lot of the budget is going to have to go to pig suits and spider costumes." -Karen We are supposed to send them our measurements upon request for costumes.

At 8p.m. I watched "StUCC presents: The Mental Health Comedy Show," which our local comedy club has gone online to do this season. "I'm only staying safe from corona because I'm afraid of commitment." When Kyle doesn't know what to do, he pulls out his cat. Kyle: "That would be correct." Karma is looking lovely this evening. She has as much pandemic roots as I do, though. She and I may be the only ones left not running out to get their hair done. Karma: "They say laughter is the best medicine. No, it's not, that's penicillin...."

Hannah the emcee (after someone says wooo!) "Afterwards, please see us. And a therapist." Also, "complaining to you guys is way cheaper than therapy." "If you have social anxiety, just sit there quietly!" Do we have enough people experienced in mental health? "We're a standup comedy club, what do you think?" "I ate croutons today as a snack." Hannah then announced that Karma was going to go, and then Karma said she wasn't going to go tonight...disappointing!

Grace: "This set goes all over the place and doesn't have any transitions, but I have ADHD, what do you expect?" It's the cool quirky aunt of mental ailments. She compared Adderall and her epi-pen as having the same adrenaline rush, but nobody wants the epi-pen..."If anyone asks me for Adderall after the show, I will stab you with my epi-pen."

Taylor: tells a story about how some scammer told his family he crashed his car and is in jail, and Taylor doesn't even KNOW HOW TO DRIVE, much less doesn't have a car, but his family falls for it anyway.... "That is exactly why you'd crash a car, Taylor!" (Taylor puts on a jail background at this point.) Taylor does an extremely fast imitation of his Sicilian grandma. "Suddenly I commit vehicular manslaughter and I'm the black sheep of the family?" Wow, dude.

Julia told a story about dating a guy who had a wife, girlfriend (her) and a mistress. Good lord. Hannah was all, I've heard this four times and every time there are worse details.

Ean: what's worse for mental health is doing stand-up comedy over Zoom...

Hannah: "Yeah, that's what we're here for, me stabbing myself!" --having to repierce a hole in her ear after just realizing during the show that one closed up. I haven't gone that far....yet...

Lauren: "There are a lot of faculty here tonight, which is why I'm really glad I graduated so there will be no consequences for my actions." Her cat inherited her mental illness. What does a cat have to be stressed about? Three therapists told her to find somebody else. "I have been dumped by three mental health practictioners." She listed various strange things she said to people on first meetings about her ex. Then she busts out sock puppets doing Hamlet. She somehow throws in a third puppet out of pipe cleaners and googly eyes with ...what body part?! (Hannah briefly broke out her hamster, Hamlet, after this. "There's a doorknob and a hamster on the floor.")

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