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When In Doubt, Fish

2019-10-24, 10:01 p.m.

Happy half birthday to me! Like anyone cares!

Tonight at rehearsal, Bridget wasn’t there so I got asked to play Mrs. Kornblum. “90% of her lines are about fish, so when in doubt, fish,” said Cameron. Man, I was just happy to have something to freaking do during rehearsal. I’m not quite as good at that part as I was Miss Glace, but please let me at least understudy, right? I haven’t really paid attention to that scene in a while (still craftin’ my Halloween costume at rehearsal, I get more done there than anywhere else) but Trent is doing a lot of great pantomiming during it, as it turns out. When not doing anything, I hung out in Mom Corner, more or less.


The very pregnant mom whose due date is tomorrow said she doesn’t know what to wear for Halloween under the circumstances. “I was going to be a housefly and wrap the baby up like a maggot.”

Scott and I laughed at Clara’s “Is this going to take long?” line, prompting Cameron to tell the kid actress (I forget her name at the moment) “The audience is going to laugh at that, so get used to it.”

“Everyone pick ONE thing to say.” -Cameron during the part where everyone is supposed to be yelling out like they’re a NYC neighborhood.

I am currently reading out the lines that are supposed to be what’s on the radio. There’s a quote from The Shadow, followed by a song, followed by FDR. Scott apparently likes how I do “The Shadow knows!” but keeps horning in and trying to do the FDR voice. I want to be all, “Look, I don’t have any lines as is,” but so far have not said that since technically I don’t even HAVE that as a line once they actually get the sound guy in. Sigh.

“Control those kids!” -Trent, a teacher in his day job.
“It’s my lot in life.” -Scott, just acting like one.

“Is this what you do after school? You all don’t talk to each other and don’t do anything?” -Cameron when the kids are being too still.

“It’s all the worse when the kid’s so TINY.” -me watching two kids squabble, one of them being probably around age 12 and the other is 5.

“Oh really? That’s the grumpiest you’re gonna be there?” -Cameron to the pilgrims.

Me snarking on Mr. Abramowitz’s line about Shirley being the best turkey: “Yes, because we see poultry on the stage all the time.

“Control your bouncy balls. Secure all bouncy balls. Don’t go crazy with the bouncy balls. I know you all have them. The glow in the dark ones are cool.” -Cameron. It's just like the big kids during rehearsal, for that matter.

“Can’t say we don’t warn you when you get here.” -me snarking on Older Shirley’s line about California being meshuggah.

“I’m trying to watch the ballgame, all right?” -Scott improvises during the “everybody yells” bit.

“Are there supposed to be kids at school? Pushups for everyone.” -Trent when the kids miss their cue to get onstage.

“Wouldn’t it be fun if she gobble-sang America the Beautiful?” -me suggesting that Young Shirley add onto her part a bit.”

I'm adding the 10/25 entry to the bottom of this because I assume I will have more to say tomorrow and I don't have much to say about today.

We now have a new interim boss/manager, who has worked in our unit off and on before. She is lovely and we're glad to have her.

I can't find if I ever mentioned this here or not (apparently not), but I saw some lost dog posters in the greenbelt a week or two back and asked St. Francis to look into it. I returned tonight and there’s no lost dog posters in the park right now. So, thumbs up to St. Francis for getting on the job, I say! Hopefully!

In other weird hippie experiments, I asked St. Anthony to find the ring I lost a few weeks ago (still not finding it) and a lost pouch I need for my Halloween costume. Then it occurred to me to look for it in the paper pouch in my backpack and there it was. So, one out of two there.

I went to the stand up comedy show tonight (professor wasn’t there until the end, she didn’t see me, I figured “why bother saying anything?” and just left). It was good, but they insisted on doing it in the dark, which I HATE, which means I can’t take notes on the funny stuff and then can’t remember the lines later.

The last guy, Tyler, talked about going to theater school and dropping out right on his birthday/the election and how he wasn’t doing it to be famous, he was doing comedy because he loved it, and I was all “awwww, he should do storytelling” to this one.

One girl had some good riffs on depression, like when she tried to kill herself at 13, it was all “hey, at least I tried something.” One guy did cow jokes in a cow suit because duh, it’s here, what did you expect? One guy went on about funerals and I was all, well, that's weird given what I'm doing tomorrow.

Anyway...I hate when everyone else wants to sit in the dark. Blech.

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