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Wanting To Avoid My Apartment

2004-10-25, 1:41 p.m.

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I started (but never finished) an entry on Thursday. It was going to be called something like, "I Don't Want To Move Into My Apartment," and rambled on about how things have gotten fairly comfy at Jess's and I haven't had to deal with the avalanche of crap that is my life too much and now I have to, and that I used to want to move back into the apartment, but moving in means that I have to deal with the avalanche and go crazy about it.

That still applies, and by now I actually HAVE moved into my apartment. I just didn't do it on Thursday as intended. Hell, I kept putting it off and off until Sunday, when I figured Mom would probably drive up here to kill me if I wasn't Officially There by then. She probably wasn't too happy when she called Saturday night and I wasn't in my home sweet home.

Anyway... Monday through Wednesday, I was busy all night long. Monday I had intermediate metalsmithing, a class that has been making me wonder if I'm quite up to it when I haven't done metalsmithing in a year and a half. Tuesday I had a beading class, where Jess has now gotten addicted to beading and we did snowflakes and bead people. Wednesday was my volunteer shift, which wasn't as crazy as I expected it to be for a first night of classes- mainly I spent the night directing people to rooms.

Thursday night, I had knitting, which only goes half the night as opposed to all night long. We're basically doing a knit-along, i.e. everyone gets to the same place and starts the same thing at the same time every class. Annoyingly, making a sweater has now cost me a fortune. After that, Jess and co. picked me up to hit the hardware store for supplies... but moving in just kind of petered out. Nobody felt like doing more than cleaning out the storage boxes, which were supposed to be removed by Friday. (As of Monday morning, they are still there. Ahem.) The stinky furniture, i.e. recliner, couch, and desk, were still left to remove. I couldn't find the Salvation Army local pickup number, so I just slapped a "Free" sign on them in hopes of a miracle.

Amusingly, on Friday, I saw a Salvation Army truck with a URL on it on my way back from lunch. I checked the URL, and I could make a reservation for a pickup on Monday, except they wouldn't take any kind of desk. I nearly made one, but figured I should check on the stuff first. And on my way home, I saw...that someone picked up the stinky couch and stinky recliner! Oh, the irony. On Saturday when it was pouring rain, Jess said, "Oh, man, just think of what those things smell like NOW..."

Also on Saturday, the drama department was holding a sale on costumes. Oh lord, the line and the amount of people when I got there about an hour after opening. Happily, after several hours and several try-ons, I got the following:
(a) a blue dress/robe thingie with sparkly neck and sleeves- looks like a great wizard's getup.
(b) a blue cape to go with wizard's getup.
(c) a gold lame shirt and pants with tattered legs for a "space pirate" costume to take Julian trick-or-treating in. (Later I got a pirate hat to match.)
(d) A purple skirt with a slit in it from a dance performance, which I probably can't wear with much, but it looks cool, so what the hell.
(e) A paint-splattered skirt from one of the dance performances.
(f) A plaid shirt from the Gap (a small, even, hah) that was from some costume or other.
(g) Tan pants with big pockets and several ruffled ribbons sewn up the legs, also from some dance performance. I'm wearing the last two to work today. Incidentally, Julian didn't like any of the last three items and told me I could wear those at MY apartment.
Jess also had a trench coat her mom bought and didn't like and gave it to me. Oooh, trench coat!

After that, Jess and Mike wanted to hit the fabric store and craft store to get stuff for Christmas gifts, so I went along. Surprisingly, I didn't get all THAT much stuff. Go figure. It was way too rainy to do anything, so we watched Amelie instead.

On Sunday, I bit the bullet and ...moved.

The place is packed to the gills with boxes. PACKED as in claustrophobic. The living room is just boxes, the TV setup, my papasan chair, a few small tables from Heather and a coffee table she picked up. Nothing else to sit on yet. When I want to go online, I have to sit on the floor with the laptop. My room, well, I can barely walk in it. I can't put much of anything away, and I mean that literally. The closet is so filled with boxes so I can walk into the room that I can't put clothes away. I already filled up the dresser drawers, so clothes are strewn about the boxes and desk. I don't have enough bookshelf space to put books away any more. I don't see how I'm going to unearth myself from these piles of stuff when the places I'd use to put them away, I can't even use right now. And since I don't know where the dishes are and have to wash all of them before use anyway, I can only eat stuff that can be cooked in the microwave or stays uncooked. Jess had to haul me to Safeway, as opposed to the hippie co-op nearest me, because hippie co-op doesn't exactly offer much in the way of paper plates and plastic forks and spoons and quickie food. Luckily for me three out of seven days of the week I'm only home to sleep, so the food thing won't really come up until Thursday.

I STILL don't have my lawyer list written up. There is too much for me to keep track of to add to it. And I can't write up even more stuff without going through all the damn boxes. Which'll take forever. GAH.

And then there's my massive bed, which I finally slept in for the first time Sunday night. Or to be more precise, I did NOT sleep in it. I felt like the Poor Little Rich Girl in a bed that's so damn high off the floor and huge. I actually went to bed early- around 10:30 because I got home at 9 and after an hour and a half of attempting to put stuff away I felt dead- and flopped into this massive bed of comfort, and then proceeded to worry about everything all night. That and try to figure out how to sleep in the thing. It seemed wrong to leave one side empty, so I tried to plunk in the middle and/or roll back and forth and/or sleep diagonally. I tried to use the electric blanket and kept rolling from side to side to adjust the temperature on both sides all night. Gah.

Very strange this morning to NOT be woken up at the crack of dawn by a large racket, a six-year-old turning on the light at 6:30 bugging me to get up for breakfast or to entertain him, or a dog jumping on my head to get a lick at my morning breath. It's a good thing that I have more time in the morning to get ready here than I do there, because I was kind of staggering around baffled.

And today is Monday, and I feel very broke this end of the month. Not only for the craft supplies and food, but for the clothing bill. I don't actually buy clothing for myself all that often- probably a few times a year if my mom isn't in the vicinity- but with the advent of cold weather and my lack of access to clean and non-smelly warm weather clothing, I've had to go out and buy more shirts and sweaters. I haven't paid more than $30 at the max for any one item, which is pretty amazing considering this town has more cutesy expensive boutique stores/UCD school sweats/expensive goods from foreign countries than any other items of clothing around. But still, it wasn't stuff I would have needed to buy immediately or at all except for the flood problem.

The really annoying thing is that during lunch today I was out shopping for accessories for my costumes, and that would have been fairly cheap. But given that it's wintery weather here (and given how things have gone of late, probably another rainy Halloween like the last few years) and you can't wear a coat with a costume without looking really stupid, I just had to go out and buy a black turtleneck and black leggings to go under the gold lame space pirate outfit. Which cost me $50 at the rock-bottom prices. Bleech.

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