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Pulling the Finish Line

2006-10-25, 11:01 a.m.

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I haven't updated in a long-ass time, no. I have been out having a social life and going to parties and drinking and such. Go figure!

Today I spent my lunch bowling (one of the temps is in a league, the rest of her team flaked out). I haven't bowled since about 2001 or so back when I was with Dave and he lived near a bowling alley. I used to be in a league as a kid, but suddenly started to REALLY suck once I hit 16, going from being able to at least get 100 in a game to barely breaking 50 if I was lucky. Today I somehow managed to break that nasty streak, getting a spare and a strike in the last frame and finishing out at 94. I haven't done that well in YEARS! So, yay. I also did it with a 10-pound ball, something that always hurt the fuck out of my hand whenever I had to borrow a ball. Maybe it's all the weightlifting I do now, because it didn't bug me at all any more. I guess when you compare lifting 16 pounds in one arm to do tricep things to lifting a 10-pound ball, it's cake.

Dad always used to bug me about switching up to a 10-pound ball when I was a kid, and tried to get me to use Mom's and stuff like that. I had a thought today when I got that strike and spare: "I wish I could tell Dad that I finally managed to bowl well with a 10-pound ball. Well, old Dad, not current vegetable Dad." *sigh* But that is so far gone that I can't even be sad about it any more, really.

I got asked to go on a cruise during Christmas vacation week by Jackie. This is something we have been discussing for awhile- assuming Dad would be dead by Christmas, I really wanted to go on a vacation then, or at least leave NorCal. And god knows I have always wanted to go on a cruise. But, well... he's doing Just Fine!!!!!! in the nursing home, according to all chirpy reports. So much better than while he was in the hospital!!! Happiness should all be ours!!! Never mind what the doctor said about nobody lasts past 16 months on a ventilator, Dad's going to be A MIRACLE!!!!

Yeah, I'm bitchy about this. I should be happy. I'm not. The finish line has been taken away again.

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