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A Perfect Meeting(?)

2018-10-25, 7:23 p.m.

So today I had a private meeting with the new manager and it was about perfect. No, seriously. She asked what I wanted to do with my life, how I wanted things to work for me (okay, so that's not likely to happen jobwise but that was nice). She said she wasn't planning on putting me back immediately on phones and counter and wanted to wait until I was comfortable* and she said you don't have to be perfect at this, WHICH IS THE FIRST I'VE EVER HEARD of anyone saying that and it was so something I needed to hear six years ago. She said she fakes it until she makes it and just looks for where to send them to.

* I suspect in reality this boils down to "we're short staffed so you're on it right away," mind you, but she did say that the staff hired to primarily work phones/front counter were doing most of it these days. Anyway, I take it with a mountain of salt in practicality but appreciated the sentiment...I just hope they don't give me back a multi-line phone while I am still sitting in the Shark Tank with everyone listening in. Though I suspect a certain coworker won't want to go directly reporting on me to that manager--probably get High Horse to do it instead.

As for the Shark Tank folks, she more or less said she knew what they were like. I'm...leaving that there. Anyway, she said to not worry about all the stuff they put in my brain about how much I suck, etc. which is a good point.

She said she's not a technical person (god, we're gonna miss that with my current manager so bad) but wants to support me and have this go well. So I feel a lot better at the moment.

Anyway, it went about as perfect as you could hope for with this. I am really hoping this works out.

Here's the story: I've always gotten along with this manager--if she has Jekyll and Hyde issues, I've only seen Jekyll personally but have occasionally noticed her seeming a bit fried at times. I have heard a lot of Hyde stories from other people who got on her bad side, though, especially from those who got canned. Specifically people say that once you're under her direct supervision the Hyde comes out, which is what I've been afraid of, especially given how everyone complains about me constantly.

I guess the options are:

(a) It's all a lie and Hyde comes out come mid-November.
(b) Everything is fine until I make someone mad in the office again (tick tick tick) and then I get the Hyde.
(c) Maybe because we get along, it doesn't go like that. I think she knows I don't mean to offend anyone and am trying as hard as I can, etc.

So we'll see.

Oh well, at least some of the public service folks have said they're happy to have me back, at least. This has to be one of the happiest days of her life for my bully though: the worst case is happening to me and HUZZAH THE BITCH WILL BE FIRED, she's gotta be thinking. So ugh there.

For those of you wondering how my current boss feels about this, he was not consulted whatsoever and only heard about it at the manager's meeting right before I went to meet with her. Oy. Well, he was pleased to hear it went well, anyway.

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