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It Was A Scatological Day

2020-10-25, 7:47 p.m.

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Well, on the good news side of life, my ballot has been officially received and will be counted.

On the not so great side, I was supposed to meet with Kelly and Shanna at noon and then Kelly wasn't feeling well, then was going to attempt to still hang out with Shanna and then by the time she got contacted by some big deal publisher....yeah, THIS IS NOT HAPPENING TODAY. I kept politely re-opening the Zoom room and then giving up and shutting off all stuff to watch videos on this guy with a pirate cove in his backyard instead. Shanna did eventually come in and talk to me for a bit, at least. I got the bright idea to start a Discord channel for trying to talk this stuff out, but who knows there. We did reschedule for tomorrow since I'm off from the Web.

I wanted to go see Scott today (also I found some yarn on the website that will go with some other yarn I have around and want to look at it IRL to see if it matches), BUT I do not want to come off as a crazy stalker person who shows up weekly, so...I did not. Sigh.

It is very windy outside. I was going to go out and sit on the patio, but....

All I really did today was rehearsal. We had one hour to cover the last section of my lines, then I had an hour off while they did another scene, and then there was a third hour in which they went over the last scene and then were supposed to go through all 20 pages, but by the time that got done, that didn't really happen. I just kept shopping on Etsy (bought a rainbow snowflakes mask for the holidays, a card making kit and some cross stitch patterns) for the last few hours really, since I didn't end up doing anything in the third hour!

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Stage Manager Sarah, which went about as chaotically as you'd expect. "That was the most beautiful version I ever heard," she said.

“Tom and I spent the day chatting about dinosaur poop. He handed me a chunk of dinosaur poop.” -Sean
“It was a scatological day” -Tom
Karen has done 24 plays. Mac: “How about dinosaur poop?” Karen: “Just one about bat poop. It makes things grow.”

“I just wanted to make sure you could hear me, I had some troubles with my microphone earlier.” -Riley
“I’m sorry, what?” -Sean

In the play, Lurvy the hired hand wins himself a genuine Navajo blanket. We debated whether or not it should be pronounced in the way that a Southerner in the 1950's would do it for historical accuracy, versus saying it correctly because people in 2020 will flip out if you don't. Per Mac, “We’re already imparting a modern sensitivity to the situation.” I concur: more people will flip out and it's not worth it and they are not gonna think about historical accuracy. Riley (Lurvy) does already have a blanket!

I cannot even type fast enough on the hedgy "is it a date or not" commentary from Sean on whether or not Henry Fussy taking Fern on the Ferris wheel is a date or not. “Warming up to a date,” I say. He wants Fern and I to get cute about it because I know where it's going.

At one point Illy (Fern) said that on the Ferris wheel she could see the whole country, rather than county. Sean indicated it'd be an awfully big Ferris wheel in that case.

“If you can’t belch on command, you can’t belch on command.” -Sean to Katherine, playing Templeton.

“Even if you can’t hug, there’s a hug that happens there,” on Fern and Wilbur’s goodbye.

Sean asked Mac if he could add a clarifying line or will we get hassled if we add something to the script. (This is making me wonder about Paige's ad-libs from yesterday.) "Just don't tell Dramatics Publishing."

Sean declared it one of his favorite rehearsals so far, where everyone finds who they are. "I can see the decisions being made and it was really fun." "We all got in our feels."

Before we adjourned, we had some technical discussion since we had to turn in measurements over the weekend. There's a crew of students who help build costumes and a costume designer doing sketches. They will plan on sending green screens soon, which they want sent back at some point (oh no, post office?). They will send at least 6x9 feet of material. I asked if they were also sending a frame (I note that Tom has one set up with a frame in the house already) and got a vague answer about working with the technology designer, and if you don't have room for full body display they will work with that. I really don't know how that is going to go.

Riley asked about how to deal with his headphones? Make giant cartoon ears? Paint them green?

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