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2013-10-26, 7:32 p.m.

Three things that have happened in the last week:

(a) Remember how I mentioned that my Internet died and they said I needed a new modem? I came home Monday night and my modem was on as if nothing had ever happened. It has been perfectly fine ever since. I called the company at 8 a.m. (opening phone hours) to cancel the order for the modem before it shipped at the end of the day, which the girl supposedly did. Then I asked to be put through to tech support to cancel the phone call--except the guy said that the call couldn't be canceled AND he was arguing with me that I should keep the modem in case it goes out again. I said I appreciated the point, but I'd already canceled the order.

Guess what: the new modem showed up at my door the next day anyway. Fist time EVER that UPS has delivered something without leaving a note and running or just plain running, mind you. I am annoyed, but what can I do at this point? They already sent the modem and the bill and I bet if I argued with them, I wouldn't get anywhere--plus inertia is in play now that it's arrived. Sigh.

(b) I got the oil changed in the car. Huzzah, that went uneventfully. No dramaz there.

(c) I mentioned over there I was doing....well, federal jury duty next month. Yesterday, I discovered that you can look up the judges' various schedules online, so I started looking to see how likely I was to get called up ASAP. Well....after checking every judge in Sacramento, here's the weird thing: so far, nobody is scheduled for a jury trial except one that's already in progress. I know things can change and all that, but....does that mean I won't have to go immediately? I wonder.

In other news, I went to a NaNo Lazy Meet N' Greet today, because it was in Sacramento and I could actually GET THERE ON MY OWN. I am rather surprised that I am taking the whole "now I have the power to go places on my own whenever I want" thing in such stride. I thought I'd be more...shocked about it. I did find that finding the place was a bit of a pain in the arse (thank goodness I left in daylight because whee, surprise freeway changes), but I met some nice, friendly people even if I'm not likely to run into them again, and saw some old writer folks I haven't seen in awhile. It was really lovely. I have missed the "people" aspect of NaNo. I think I need to give the write-ins a chance again in my town (and hope people show up). Maybe even go to one in Sac or something, we'll see.

I still need to ah....figure out what I am going to write, though. Dear god.

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