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A Happy Making Friday

2018-10-26, 7:36 p.m.

What a week, eh? Seven days of drama since last Friday.

I don't have anything new to add on the work front that I didn't say before, but I did run into some very cheerful Christian hippies on the way out of work today that really liked my outfit, wanted to give me hugs and pray for me (I totally was down for that because I NEED IT) and called me a "fountain of joy" for my outfit. That was adorable. I got the feeling they were a little psychic, especially the girl one. You don't run into many Christian hippie types (Meg being the one I know) but you could just tell from the vibe. I found it all very sweet.

After that I went to the Sacramento bookstore storytelling and poetry event again (this time alone because Dawn and Loretta are out of state), and this time they had a "scary" theme and an open mike. My favorites were the ghost story about a lady and her twin in which her twin disappears and she eventually finds out that her twin has been dead since birth all along, and a funny story about a drunk guy falling into a grave at night and yelling "Help me! I'm cold!" and someone comes by and yells, "Then you shouldn't have kicked the dirt off!"

They had their first open mike tonight and so I did my new one about being afraid of rides as Disneyland, which they seemed to really enjoy, especially the acting out and the horror of going on a ride called "Vertical Velocity." The female host, Mary, told me afterwards she liked my acting out and "intensity" and asked me to perform next month. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

She also had on an adorable fascinator headband with a blue and purple sequinned witch hat on it, which I complimented and she said she got at Target. I immediately hit Target on the way home and immediately found the one lone witch hat of that ilk remaining in the store, and I kept looking for excuses to wear it in public the rest of the weekend.

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