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Hugging Is Strange

2020-10-26, 7:50 p.m.

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It's Halloween week and someone's running a contest and sent out a word search to do before 5 p.m. today. I got paid to do a word search, y'all.

From the morning meeting:
"We have to document our crazy life," --my boss on her kid's teeth falling out.
"I have to sleep with myself at night" -Lioness
"I don't CAMP any more. I GLAMP. I don't know what camping is any more." -Lioness on going camping this weekend.
Adventure Girl had a book club/costume party/Friendsgiving out of her house.... and she's going to her parents' house and they breed guide dog puppies, so "I might have puppies for next Monday's meeting."
My boss went to Fresno for a kid's birthday party and drove by a giant funeral where everyone had masks on. "Don't be jealous that I went to Fresno." She also said they went into a boot shop with their masks on and "they looked at us like we were aliens from outer space for having masks on."
Grandboss reported that even though "it's been 2020 for awhile now," she still keeps forgetting to put her mask on when she gets out of the car. I restrained myself from ranting YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TOUCHING YOUR MASK WHILE OUT, DON'T TAKE IT OFF JUST TO DRIVE!!!"
Grandboss also kept plugging "grace at all times," which um....not been my experience?
Penguin Girl had some kind of streaming/imitation(?) concert at her house because "I wanted to feel things again." She also said that when at concerts alone, "When I'm alone I don't tell people so they don't kidnap me," and that she got "promoted" from executive producer to manager of her brother's band. "I was trying to avoid the manager role," she said. (Guess what her day job is?)

In other news, our printers have all been broken for two weeks and none of them will network with anything. This has been reported and reported and "escalated up the chain" to computer guy Kevin, who has done...jack shit, apparently? He was supposed to come in last week and flaked. My boss messaged him and his entire response was "I am aware." So..... GOOD LORD, DUDE, WTF?

I had lunch with Eva again, which was fun. We talked about crafts, as she is putting together a "book nook" out of wood and other things around the house. Very cute.

Other than that, work continued to be chill and easy today! Go figure!

My phone decided not to download Kelly and Shanna's group texts for the day, which was a whopping pain in the arse. It did, however, download my mom's, featuring Randall's mother's obituary and...why yes, they are still having a funeral in person! I asked Mom if she was going to go and she said "probably not" and she talked to my cousin Alicia and she said that she and her husband are going, her dad isn't going because healthwise he shouldn't, and she *cough* didn't mention if her mother was going. Mom pointed out that the reception was probably going to be at Randall's house but there isn't that much room for distancing, and I pointed out that it's too easy to move near people and of course your mask will be off for the food and drink...WHICH IS WHY YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING IT. I said it makes me feel awful to have to openly treat people like they have the death cooties, except we all may legitimately have death cooties.

Mom said that her friend Tom hugged her the other week "and that felt strange." She said Tom said "I don't care what we are not supposed to do, I am giving you a hug" and so we did." I said I caved in and hugged Scott. She said it was okay, we both needed that. She also said "everyone is not infected so take a chance on those you feel are safe," but..... well....

After work, I got together with Kelly and Shanna to brainstorm about the show. We did not particularly agree on a date yet (mid to late December is fine), whether or not to invite others to do it (maybe, leaning towards no), how to adapt "Tailwind" to a Christmas version, and silly brainstorming for the cookie party idea, what we'd wear, what we'd say.... Shanna wants to read "Twas The Night Before Christmas." I think I need to think of a monologue or something. Sing Tom Lehrer's Christmas Carol? Make up something? Too bad I can't do a dramatic reading of "Season's Greetings to Our Friends and Family!!!"

After that ended, I am so bored I am walking around the house while "watching" a video on Porridgegate. (This is the ongoing slight grumble fight between knitwear designers Arne and Carlos in which Arne came out as not loving porridge back during March.) And I think porridge sounds gross. The outcome of the video: Arne agrees to eat it about once a week.

I also read this comic and was all, "Yup, this is why I won't take a stroll around my neighborhood."

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