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A Small Yet Miraculous Moment

2005-10-27, 4:24 p.m.

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A Small Yet Miraculous Moment

Updating on my life in general today:

1. I've pretty much decided to give up on finding a roommate this year/any time soon. There's nobody but scammers and people looking for "clean" (and let's face it, I'll never be "clean" unless someone finally Stepfordizes me, and I'm not going to lie and pretend I can be clean.), and I can technically manage it alone, so fuck it, I might as well. The search has become massively painful.

2. Oddly enough, this month (since I didn't leave the state or pay a lot for classes I signed up for or anything extraordinary financewise) I have been doing well on the spending. I've bought stuff occasionally, but have managed to restrain myself from buying a pound of new books (I got about 3 this month- one in e-book that I paid for and two that Mom picked up at Costco- and I'm restraining myself from buying books until I run out!), the only clothing shopping I've done is of the thrift variety, I'm sticking to the free-food-and-Cupa-Noodles lunch diet (which sucks, but at least I'm not spending $50-60 a week on lunches any more. Plus, not eating till I'm full is good for the not-gaining-weight thing), and I'm doing well. I'm not feeling massively deprived yet.

Go figure.

Dunno how long this'll last, mind you, but if I make Christmas presents this year or something, I could be okay for awhile.

3. Speaking of free and thrift store spending, I had an awesome experience the other day.

There are two characters I've always wanted to play/be for Halloween, but I have had difficulty finding the props for them. I tend to look like a cartoon character come to life as is, but I'm especially fond of Helen B. Narbon and Daria Morgendorffer.

But with both characters, there's ONE thing I had to get for a costume to work out. With Helen, you need a "evil" shirt (which I got years ago when the cartoonist was still selling them), a gerbil (I have that), glasses (got those- my sunglasses even look like Helen's squarish pink-tinted ones)- but I needed a lab coat. You'd think given the town I live in this would not be hard to find, but they never had them at Halloween Headquarters and the ones sold on campus are $50. Happily, Mike and Jess took me down to the costume store before I left the O.C. and found me a $25 lab coat. So voila, I can be Helen!

As for Daria... our dressing styles are very different. I'd wear her black pleated skirt (assuming I ever found one that wasn't costing tons- pleats are expensive), but that's about it of her normal outfit. I don't much get why she wears a green jacket/blazer thingie, and I don't like blazers normally anyway. And as for the combat boots... I am not a Doc Martens kind of girl. I wear either sandals or knee-high leather boots, preferably with coloful skirts and glitter and shit like that. I don't have objections to others wearing them and looking cool, but they just didn't exactly seem like ME here.

This is to say that (a) I would never wear Docs on my own recognizance, i.e. the other 364 days of the year, and (b) Docs are way too expensive to buy for one day of the year's wear, and (c) one cannot be Daria without those boots. So I figured despite my physical resemblance to the girl, actually BEING Daria for Halloween would never happen unless I managed to find a pair of Docs in a thrift store or something. (Hey, it could happen. I found a James Dean leather jacket in my size in a thrift store once.)

This leads me back to my story, in which I was sitting around at work one day when a coworker came over and asked me my shoe size.

She'd picked up a pair of spankin' new Docs (men's size 4) at a garage sale, and wondered if I'd fit into them. I did, and she happily handed them over to me FOR FREE.

I swear, she's the Shoe Fairy. When does THAT happen? My mind is still boggling over this one.

So, now that I have the shoes, it seems only fair that I perhaps switch what costume I was gonna wear to work on that day (let's face it, a slightly higher percentage of people at my work will know who Daria is. The odds are nil anyone will know who Helen is. Heck, my MOM knows who Daria is, and I can't even be sure Mom knows who anyone in the Whedonverse is despite my talking them up all the time.), show them off to the Shoe Fairy, stuff like that.

This led me to doing a whirlwind trip around town during lunch trying to find cheap (again, if I'm only wearing it once a year...) Dariaesque clothes. Much to my amazement, I got lucky at the SPCA thrift store, and found a tan/gold shirt and a dark green blouse-ish thing to wear for the rest of the outfit. I don't have a black pleated skirt, but I have a black skirt that's sort-of in that kind of style I can get away with wearing.

They actually had NICE clothes for $5 and below, and I got a spanky new red dress and a cool purple skirt out of the deal as well. (Weirdly enough, I saw a dress I own already in there too.)

So, yay!

Either way, I need to get pics of myself in these outfits, though living alone right now does make photography tricky.

And finally...

4. Regarding the end of this post: it was definitely a false alarm. The fellow is definitely over it, to the point where I think it behooves me to make sure I avoid him. Luckily, except for a couple of really bloody awkward moments that happened unexpectedly last week, this isn't difficult.

I will leave you with a quote from here:

"Every once in a while, I meet someone who I think might be worth a bit of pining. They're cute, or smart or funny or a jackpot combination of all three. But then I remember the drama (I'm sure you do, too) and the potential for disappointment and I think, "Oooh, no you don't!" Then I go back to making plans to die alone with my cat. Some may call this jaded. I call it temporarily skeptical."

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