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Sexy Ladybug

2011-10-28, 1:17 p.m.

Adding to the list of lasts: the last office Halloween party. Early, argh! Since we are 2 offices combined these days, for some crap reason instead of having a giant party for everyone, the other office somehow gets dibs on actual Halloween day.

I have had some costume drama of late. I wanted to wear this outfit to the office party, especially since we are having the closing reception for the corset show today as well. Except for the part where I still can't freaking put it on by myself for shit. I attempted to figure this out during corset class this week, still couldn't get it on even when I bought extra cording for it, and gave up on getting it on for Friday morning. The instructor swears it is possible to do alone, but maybe I need longer cords. In the meantime she'll wrestle it on me for the party.

Now, suspecting This Might Be A Problem, a few weeks ago I found this marvelous and reasonably priced reversible corset to wear instead. Mostly I bought it because I was trying to copy it (I failed miserably at this), but I figured it'd be a backup outfit. So I spent Thursday scrambling for props, running to the Halloween store for cheap antennae (that will go with the bumblebee side as well, I guess), and buying this wing pattern and making it all of Thursday. I should probably point out that if you saw yesterday's entry I spent about five hours of the work day in classes where they didn't care if you worked with yarn all day, then spent all night at the CC where it was also okay to make yarny goodness. So it probably took me around 10-11 hours to do... but by god, I finished it in time! It's probably ridiculous that I go to so much trouble for a 45-minute office party, but...well, hey, how often do I get to dress up per year? Not enough!

So yes, I am ashamed to admit that today I am a Sexy Ladybug, but at least I wore a damn long skirt rather than a mini. It was 42 degrees when I left the house this morning, for fuck's sake. (And then is supposed to hit the high 70's. WHAT?! Goddamn, you know what I love about Hawaii and Arizona and the like? You don't need an entirely different wardrobe on your body at 7 a.m. than you do at 11 a.m. than you do at 3 p.m. than you do at 5 p.m. Layers suck.)

Amusingly enough, there was ANOTHER ladybug at the party... a 10 month old girl. Whose costume looked cuter, I shall admit. It was pretty funny. Yes, someone got a double bug shot sometime. I came in second place this year, which is fine under the circumstances. Mostly what I was excited about was that I made the new office costume trophy and I am ridiculously proud of it and was all excited to see who it would go to. The winner was a Lucy Ricardo, who is an actual redhead and somehow managed to do her hair like Lucy's, which was impressive. People were impressed with the trophy. They are now all, "Either the trophy gets passed around yearly, or the winner has to make a new one, or the winner has to talk Jennifer into making another one." I would not be averse to that...if I am around. Which, um. Yeah. Well, I did make an impressive one enough to last the ages, I think.

As for the rest of the Halloween-related days, I am going to a party on Saturday, which I think I'll wear last year's peacock outfit to since it didn't get to really go out last year. I don't know what the hell I'll wear on Monday, if anything. Halloween on Monday always seems like kind of a waste, doesn't it? Maybe I'll just wear a pumpkin shirt and call it a day...or recycle something. I don't know. Either way I'll end up at home with booze and a pomegranate or something...

I still haven't decided about NaNo. Looking at the local forum, as usual it sounds like just student-types and nobody's even bothered to TRY setting a date for any write-ins. If I'm not doing it, I guess nobody bothers, but I am refusing to do that work and have it get ignored again here.

Okay, I am almost done with this entry now.

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