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Swamped in October

2007-10-29, 8:56 a.m.

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Gah, I am SO OVERLOADED. I didn't get ANY sleep over the weekend whatsoever, which really annoys me when that's the only time I ever get to sleep in. I think my body was just in a panic over everything I had to get done this weekend. Now that a lot of it is done, I keeled over last night. (And am now so sleepy today that I would have called in sick had I not had a meeting. If this continues, I will tomorrow.)

My to-do list actually has stuff crossed off of it right now, huzzah!

Mainly I have been cramming it in trying to make the props for my Halloween costume (purple people eater). I finally managed to finish all of them over the weekend. WHEW.

I also had to make a hell of a lot of food yesterday because I have three potlucks this week (actually four, but I refuse to make food for four, and one of them I can get away with nobody noticing). I thought of food for #'s 1 and 2, but completely went brain dead on #3 and wandered around catatonic in the grocery store trying to think of something. Argh. Plus making lunches for the week...too much cooking!

Potluck #1 was the NaNoWriMo pre-November party yesterday, which was great. Got a ton of people at it. My friend Richard threw the party in his new house, which was spiffy. It's good to see the old and new faces every year.

I also found out that I am the longest-running NaNo participant in the region. Richard and I started the same year (2001, the first year it was done by anyone who isn't Chris Baty's friend), but he skipped one. Yes, I'm a freaking SEVENTH-YEAR-NANO. Fear me.

As for my novel, I want to try rewriting from scratch my old novel from a few years ago, which I did not write with an outline, ran out of stuff to write about, and stopped. (Clearly, no deadline doesn't hurt either.) I have done some plotting, but mostly still need to find the time to get that work done. Which, of course, I am about out of. Argh! Must...plan...

I won't be going to the kickoff party this year, which kinda sucks. I am supposed to be helping run a Samhain party, which will probably end right around midnight, and the NaNo party is out of town, so...argh. Nope, can't swing it.

Truth be told, I'm not terribly excited about the Samhain party. Whee, an entire holiday dedicated to mourning the dead! The night before my dad's birthday! Happy bleeping Halloween there...not. I assume I'll end up crying. Ugh. I'd rather skip this one, except uh, I can't skip this one because I'm supposed to be helping running such events this fall when other people are out of the country.

With regards to the holidays: Mom is down with SF, but as for Christmas, says she wants to spend the day at home just the two of us, then go off to Cambria. We are also still discussing taking a trip to Nevada City sometime. Huzzah. I thought she was going to have a backslide last week when she sent me a mournful e-mail about how our family is shrinking and isn't that sad and she doesn't want to lose them (and I wanted to go hit my head on the monitor). But in the end, she so far is okay with the idea, at least for this year. I'll still be holding my breath until she makes reservations, though.

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