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National PlayWriting Month?

2012-10-29, 10:47 a.m.

Good luck out there, East Coasters. My poor cousin Kristen that moved to Arlington is a lone Californian girl with no clue stuck in the middle of this, aiee. (I am never moving out of this state. Dear god, I couldn't handle real weather.) I finally finished uploading ALL of the East Coast trip pictures this weekend--for that matter, I bloody well uploaded everything this weekend-- and now I'm kinda wondering if this is going to be like when I went to New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina hit. "At least I saw it when it was still all intact." I hope not.

And now, back to my own trivial crappity since I have nothing more sober to offer around here, and it's still dry and warm:

I spent the weekend crafting. I finished making the office Halloween trophy and my Halloween costume, and took a natural dye workshop class. I saw Sleepwalk With Me with L, since it finally came to my town this Friday. I also did some thrift store and flea market shopping and bought a couple of skirts and a super amazing dress I can't believe exists. And the weather was near 80, so I got to wear a short dress outside one last time. I was pleased that this weekend wasn't the time change weekend (why not?) because it seems like within a day after the time change, the weather immediately gets cold, rainy, and crappy. And now we've got another week of niceness--heck, Halloween may not be freezing here! It's predicted to be in the 60's still, even.

(Again, my sympathies go out to the East Coasters, who may be celebrating Halloween by dressing up as a giant pile of blankets in the dark this year.)

I think I am going to do the following in November instead of NaNoWriMo:
(a) Do NaKniSweMo-- i.e. knit a sweater in November, something I've never tried to do due to being busy with NaNo.
(b) Write a one-woman show instead of another crappy novel that won't see the light of day.

Yes, this last one is really rather deluded. I wanted to be a drama department nerd and could never get into any plays in order to do it. I wish I could sing, but I can't. Playing instruments, I am meh. And while I've taken six billion dance classes (ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, hula, zumba., line dance, square dance...anything that doesn't require a partner or tap shoes, I've probably tried it), I have zero leg flexibility and if I can't kick up my leg to my ear (or be anorexic, to be realistic), I can't dance. I'd love to be a performer, but nobody will effing let me on a stage.

I love one man/woman show-type stuff. I've seen Neil Gaiman (doing a Q&A) and Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking at Berkeley Rep and looooooved that. I kept thinking the entire time how I wanted to do this. Because while I cannot portray any other human being on the planet for crap, I guess, I can at least play me. Hell, Spaulding Gray made a career out of it, and Mike Birbiglia's milked his one-man show into a book, movie, and This American Life appearances all over the place. Of course, they're dudes and thus don't have to pass The Fuckability Test like I do as a woman--and I'd flunk that--and I don't really have any theater connections, and who knows if I I'll even do anything with it once it's done. Realistically speaking, probably not.

However, I have found a few theater things here that are not restricted to students, and I could at least submit a one-act play (monodrama, perhaps?) for a competition at the end of November. I could take whatever part of the show works best as a one-act and submit it or something. I think I am going to use the old (now defunct) Script Frenzy guideline of 100 pages, even though I can't get credit for it for NaNo. I wish I could, but there's no way I am dragging the plot of this thing out for 50,000 words. I don't expect to win or anything (come on), but eh, it's practice, right? I usually can't even motivate myself to submit writing to anywhere, but if I bother to send it in at all, that's doing well for me.

What's the plot, you ask? I want to write about driving....

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