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National Cat Day

2020-10-29, 7:59 p.m.

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I had to get my tires reinflated (again?!) today. It was 40something degrees outside but at least my car wasn't frozen over. I had to put on sweats. I am NOT USED to being out in the cold every morning and you know what? I DO NOT MISS IT. Otherwise it went about the same as last time--dude at front desk is friendly but unmasked, all other employees were, I got the same guy who inflated the tires last time (was kinda hoping I'd get someone different since why do I have to do it again 2 months later?). I drove with the windows down on the way back for awhile, got home, did the decontamination shower.

Work actually fried me again today, but mostly because I had to figure out Important Document Ordering With New Changes yet again, and it got complicated and fried my brain (meanwhile everyone else is sitting there TOTALLY BORED while I suspect I've done something totally wrong) and I eventually scrapped it and started all over. By 4:15 I was fried for the day and I ate two dinners. Oof.

I also found out that my phone is choking on texts again, as I was messaging on Slack with Christine again showing her the axolotl and she sent me a test text and I didn't get it....I rebooted the phone and then got 27 messages. (Alas, not one from Scott, which figures.) Jackie was getting quite annoyed I was not responding to her texts about her mother's hoarding since Saturday. Christine suggested I ask him if it worked and I was all, no, I don't want to be a Crazy Person who doesn't Take The Hint and Stop Nagging Me. I said I'll just go in the store and see if he avoids me or whatever and she said that would be super weird if he did, which is true.

Christine said it was okay to be transparent, some people don't get hints and need someone to be forward and that's okay, and you shouldn't have to be someone else and if they don't like you, they can kick rocks. (Good point.) "Maybe he has feels but is nervous..." Yeah, I said. However, anything like that triggers my commitmentphobe ex issues every bleeping time, and she said it's trauma so of course you are going to start to feel that way. Then I'm still pondering what she said here (sadly, I had a meeting and had to adjourn after that): "Don't put your blinders on, you may miss something. Don't look back and say, I sat still for years and missed something huge!"

After that, I saw this. Dude has a crush on a girl (oh, excuse me, "young lady," because I guess he time traveled in from a past era) but he doesn't want to get romantically involved with her and make it weird, except "my subconscious has not gotten with the program." Meredith's response was to tell him to go for it: "Like, would it be so bad if you and this woman spent a few months together? Figured out your relationship goals while you had some fun? Tried it for a few weeks until it crashed and burned? Your friendship is already at risk because of these feelings." I wish.

Later I watched this. Bad signs, of course. Bad: lopsided conversations (at times), almost always initiating, know you'd never hear from him again. Asks questions once in a while but not much.

In the middle: mostly texts back. Note the mostly. Sigh.

Good: sometimes is being funny, depending on subject matter, texts in paragraphs or rapid fire one liners (can do both). Some days are better than others.

Yarn Club meeting today:
Yemi mentioned "very disastrous results in the litterbox" when one of her cats got into eating flannel fabric.
I forget who said these: "It's national cat day." "I'm going to have to go torment mine."

Someone was also all, "Oh, we're in the orange tier now!" To which I was all OH NO WE ARE NOT and checked this. Not only are we not, our infection rate went up to 5%. SO THAT'S GOING WELL. I truly don't think we're going to see anything other than red for a very long time. We will be lucky to not be back at purple by December, which I am expecting to be anyway at the rate things are going. As far as I can tell, not too many areas have low anything.

Mom sent me an email saying that Travis is going to Zoom the funeral tomorrow. So Mom and presumably other relatives will just watch online. THANK GAWD. Then she was all "should I mention it to Randall?" Um, yes? I think that is a thing that should come up?

Vera (of the CC and spinning group) proposed an online meetup for Halloween sometime.


Karen was dancing as a "warmup" when I got in.
Paige mentioned that some people eat live octopus in Korea and then it tries to fight back. That is officially worse than fugu.
Paige was wearing an evil clown shirt and Sean said that up to a year ago he was afraid of (evil) clowns and would have asked Paige to change her shirt, but now that he had some kind of immersion therapy experience, he's over it. Paige hid her body down below the camera and was all, "So I would just stay like this for the entire practice?"
Jett put on a witch hat and bopped along.

Illy was out again tonight. "Sarah, would you like to play Illy for us?" "Yes, that's my only wish in life." Paige: "I can die peacefully now knowing that I played one eight year old girl in a runthrough!"
We went through the whole show, which is about 90 minutes with intermission. The costume team watched but didn't say much ("You guys are all good at acting!", though I did see a brief shot of one of them wearing bat wings!), I guess they are Doing Things tomorrow. Kallie has to do all these crazy kind of physical moves, including attempting a split...ouch!

"The more nitpicky I get, the better you're doing." -Sean. So far, not too nitpicky, but he said that was more of a thing he does later. He said that everyone was good at being off book. He told me, "I love the fun warm relationships that you have with everyone and I can see the different relationships between them. keep it up." Sean is also fascinated with Lurvy's relationship with Wilbur. "There's a warmer tone every time you talk to him." "Wilbur finds a friend in Lurv Durv." "Charlotte's Web 2, in which Lurvy learns to speak to the animals." "All of you chose to put the spiderweb in the same corner of your screen" (upper left), "which was awesome."

We were done by 7ish but still had rehearsal until 8, so Sean rehearsed some animal stuff and the baby spiders went into a room ("the baby spiders could engage with what baby spider life is like?") and the humans all went into a room for some group bonding and discussing how we know each other (Karen and I agree that Edith is her great-aunt, John and I got together as teenagers). Lurvy got kicked out of the house at 15 and had to go look for a job...Still wondering where that name came from! Jett as Avery said "he's like if Fern was not as modest, funnier basically. And didn't care about getting dirty. Avery's that one kid in elementary school trying to show you something gross, but he doesn't think it's gross."

We were directed to come up with some kind of Zoom game and we decided to do Object Show and Tell in character. I fished up my two fancy root beer bottles from the Renaissance Faire and said that John bought us these at the fancy root beer place on our first date at the county fair. Jack (John) pulled out a mini-Bob Ross and said he always wanted to paint. Riley (Lurvy) actually had a saddle in his room, which seems fitting for Lurvy. Karen had a doll from her grandmother's and Tom (Homer) pulled out a "farmer's almanac." Jett (Avery) showed us some "skelebal heads" to throw at first, causing Tom to be all, "You're a monster." (I don't think that was serious.) That said, he did change his object to a color changing water bottle from a fair when Mac and Kearsten came in. They decided to play spinsters who don't farm very well who live nearby us all and showed off a stuffed lamb and a bird's nest.

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