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Late Night In The Burbs

2011-10-30, 1:19 p.m.

12 a.m.: I'm walking home from my (last) Halloween party here. It was fun. Drinking, dancing, costumes, card games, beer pong. I had a blast. And happily it's close enough to my house that I can walk home without waiting an hour for a taxi or something.

It's quiet in the streets. I probably see about ten people and ten cars, total, on my way home. The park I walk through is empty except for a few bikers rolling through and seeing two people walking ahead of me in the distance. I see two guys outside smoking at one point. I see one apartment where the party is still in full bloom (and naturally, my upstairs neighbors are doing the same, I left mine before the movies and sleepiness inevitably kicked in at this hour). Oddly enough, I see no frozen skanks on the street, which is something that might be likely this weekend. But then again, I don't live on Frat Row or anything where they tend to be either.

It's quiet and utterly safe, and actually not that frigid tonight for a change. I walk home with my headphones on blaring songs about Hollywood, which so doesn't match the decor. I think how very, very nice the suburbs are. How very, very nice it is to live somewhere where I CAN walk home and nothing happens because nobody is out this late at night on the streets looking to get you into trouble. This is the number one reason why I love the burbs. It's a place where a girl without a car can get home safe and alone (okay, so that's most of the time for most people and my number hasn't come up, but still), and can relatively trust that she'll be okay doing that with a wee bit of booze in her, whatever didn't burn off through dancing. I know bad things happen here sometimes, but so far I haven't run into a darned one of them late at night here even with my natural born weirdo magnet, because there's nobody around to be set off by it. And that's marvelous.

I'm so going to miss it in a year. Or for that matter, the rest of my life.

Though yeah, having a car to get my ass home will be nice... even if I have to worry about my drinking for hours beforehand.

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