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Good Advice, Temptation, and Air Slapping

2019-10-30, 7:12 p.m.

Today’s synchronicities:

(a) I found this child’s Disney pendant, it’s the top of EVE the robot’s head with mouse ears on it. There’s a heart on one of the ears.
(b) Walking through the farmer’s market, I saw a heart sticker on the ground that had “Best Friends” written on it.

I ended up having a conversation with Hannah and Luis at work (she was out sick for the last few days) about the funeral. Let me tell you her response about how he had invited all three of his crushes (Laurel was busy): “That is so baller, inviting all of his bitches to his grandmother’s funeral? Third date for everyone!” I about died laughing.

Luis, however, had a much more reasonable and sober guy’s perspective on the whole thing. I literally wrote down what he said on the subject:

On the ogling of Cameron: “That’s just comfort for him. That’s the difference. That’s why you can beat it.”
“At the end of the day, nothing has clearly happened because she’s there.”
“Just keep doing what you’re doing.”
“He’s all in his feels right now.”
“It doesn’t mean that there’s no chance.”
“It’s worth it if you keep your mind open.”
“You’re being a John Mayer song right now.” Which one? “All of them.” Bwahahahahah.
He asked if Scott is awkward. “I don’t particularly think so, but he probably would,” and he said that the guy sees potential partners and likes us all for our different personalities and likes the company, which he’s not used to. He’s actually feeling better about himself.
More quotes:
“It’s not a game, it’s nothing.”
“Don’t give all of yourself just yet, but be there if he wants you there.”
“Guys are just as complex as girls.”
“You have been courting each other with different things.”

I think I love Luis. Too bad his temp contract runs out next week.

I also got some temptation today. I got an email from Laure, who apparently did get cast in Coney Island the place in Citrus Heights we auditioned at previously. They are looking for a Miss Glace, she said.

Oh, so tempted to have a real part in a show, you have no idea. Arguments for: (a) I could have a real part and I’d like to do this one (albeit with uh...not whoever’s doing it in Citrus Heights). Arguments against: (a) not that impressed by that director, nor was he that impressed by me (also, why isn’t his girlfriend/partner doing the role?!) (b) I did technically commit to doing this show even if I wouldn’t be missed if I was gone, and (c) the real and the only argument.... well, you know that one. Sigh. Even if I am Annoyed still and continuing with the “you know what, I’m just not gonna talk to him much” thing tonight.

I debated texting Robert about it because I wanted to talk about it with somebody, but lord knows he’d probably say the same stuff I was saying to myself above. I ended up not getting to it, and in the end, I was having so much fun at rehearsal that eh, you know what, I’ll stay. While I’m on that topic, I’ll cover rehearsal and THEN go back to how work went.

When I walked in, for some reason Walpurgis Night was mentioned by Cameron (I guess since it was Halloween Eve) and I was all, “Every night should be Witches Night” and she replied, “That’s how I live my life.” See why I like her? I don’t know if she is or not a la the Witch Posse/Laurel, but if she is, that would explain a lot.

Anyway, we added a new cast member tonight, William the Bearded Lady (me: “Oh, YOU’RE Matilda, the bearded lady!” which is in my one line. He was all, “I have a name?”). He tried on dresses and was chill about it. Germaine and Dona were there again with costumes and in Germaine’s case, bringing muffins and candy. We saw Isadora’s turkey costume.

William and Scott are officially joining me in making sounds from backstage to make it sound like Coney Island. That’s about as close as I got to Scott that night, but I had this weird moment where my arm brushed up against him and I got this...jolt. It was weird. I don’t think he had that go on. I don’t know where that came from, especially lately. That is not a normal thing here.

I have been reading the lines on the radio in the script and tonight I asked if they were just going to do recordings of that at some point. She was all no, just figured you’d say it, and then Scott pointed out that all of that was archival public domain sounds, so.... yeah, less for me to do there.

When I was done, Bridget and I went off to do more Carol of the Bells with Alexis. She’s very good at teaching.


“You’re standing like you’re still in formation. Freeform, freeform. Would you stand like that at recess?” Anita
“Don’t kids normallly make noise when they’re at recess?” Anita

“Miles, you’re making a proclamation. What are you doing with your hands?” Anita
“Miles” then immediately goes totally stiff, soldier style.

Isadora’s hair was dubbed “perfect Jesus hair!”

William on kids in the last show he was in: “They love me because I’m weird.” Then during tech week when he was yelling at them to shut up, he got “We don’t love you any more.”

“I’m good at breaking windows.” William

“If anyone heard that we’re trying to find a dress for William....” William
I told William his dress went with his eyes.
“I can handle high heels. My mom was very proud of me.” William.
“Something tells me that William can handle high heels better than I can.” Cameron

Germaine wants a muffin at the end of the night.
William: “Actually I just ate the last one, Germaine...”
Germaine then air slapped him a few times.

Germaine straight up asks people for their weight, which freaks me and Dona out.

“Ten pounds in five years is not lying, it’s just being a woman.” Germaine

“Really, I just wanna be in the pageant.” me

Dona said that when she got the list of characters and roles, without the script, wondered if “Tiny Tim” was Tiny Tim Crachit or Tiny Tim with the ukulele, because this show’s THAT weird and it could be....

“And scene! Everybody go!” Trent at the end of rehearsal after finishing his last line.

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