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Lameass Halloween

2003-10-31, 6:35 p.m.

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Well, as you can tell by an entry going up at this time, I am not headed en route to Dave's. I checked my bank balance and it frightened me, so I backed out. As it turns out, Jeremy didn't want to go to Extreme Halloween, so they were just going to "sit around and hang out." Just like every other night. Frankly, given the frigid weather and rain, I'm glad I'm not traveling for three hours to go do that.

I thought about going out tonight, and I guess theoretically I still could (the band I want to go see isn't till 9:30), but given how I tend to attract freaks when I'm alone in certain places, I am not at all comfortable about going to a bar without anyone to defend me. Oh well, I've got stuff to do anyway.

Halloween has been rather a bust here. Both outfits I thought I could wear to work I couldn't fucking fit into. Well, the ballgown I could *barely* get into, but my tits were smashed into pancakes, and the bodice for my Renaissance costume just won't even go on at all. I'm too damn fat. I managed to find a non-authentic Renaissance top I own, so I wore that instead.

The weather stinks. None of the students dress up here, and when I got to the bus stop two kids actually stopped their conversation to stare and gape at me in costume. You could practically see the "FREAK!" thought bubble going up above their heads. I hate how people here are just too cool for a costume. God forbid you go without a sweatshirt and jeans for ONE DAY to go to your Halloween kegger.

The people in my building dressed up more, but not in my office, oh no. I was the only one dressed up on my floor. Three people were dressed up downstairs- "everyone else is on vacation." Last year there was a great party, this year there was supposed to be one, but when I went down to find it, nobody was around At All, just some food remnants. The costume contest was held via e-mail. I actually got a vote, which is a sure sign that it's a lame contest if I got one. I probably would have won if I worked downstairs instead of in a back corner where no one sees me. I did finally see the winner's costume, which everyone was talking about- "Have you seen (girl's name)'s costume? Wowwwww." What was it, you ask? Your traditional rubber mask serial killer ensemble you can buy in a bag at any store. Biiiiig whoop.

Here's a rundown on my viewing of late:

* Tru Calling: Honestly...if Eliza Dushku wasn't in it, I don't think anyone would give a damn. How weird is it that they do a recap of what's gone on IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EPISODE? Their plot setup is completely nonsensical and unexplained and makes no sense. Why would she out of the blue, without her control, suddenly have a rewind day? I don't think it'll last long. I'll probably make myself watch it for a bit, but I am a stickler for cool sci-fi setups, and this isn't one.

* Center Stage: I loved this movie and want to own it. The dancing is EXCELLENT. The end ballet is like the best show ever. It's like something I'd come up with- I love mingling ballet, modern and jazz and doing ballet to pop music. The choreographer of that part is awesome. And woo, Cooper. This dude's sister is one lucky girl.

Well, sign language is officially canceled for lack of teacher- probably canceled next quarter too. "Supposedly" they will work on getting us a refund, but given that requires getting money back from someone in Kenya, I dunno about that. I'll believe it when I see it.

I really should uh, finish those crafts while I still can, right?

Well, I just wanted to finish off with saying that I finally did find a solution for the novel online issue. Turns out that duh, TypePad has password-protection, so I did a temporary blog for it. Login is nanowrimo, password is lurker if you want to check it out. The fun starts tomorrow...

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