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Hamsters and Sheep

2004-10-31, 1:23 p.m.

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Busy, busy weekend, and I haven't gotten all that much done that I was supposed to do.

Friday: we had the holiday party at work. I showed up in costume #1, a wizard ensemble. Happily, this costume was hid by my new trench coat when I wandered around campus, because I get really annoyed being stared at because God forbid someone dressed up on campus at this school.

I also ended up voting. I am normally a permanent absentee voter, but there was a whopping four days during the two months I was out of the apartment where my mail ended up God knows where, and that's when they sent me ballot #1 and I never got it. I sent a request for ballot #2, which also has never shown up. I called the elections people in a panic again and they said, "Just go to an early polling place." Which is what I did, since they set one up on campus this year. It's over and done with, yay.

After work, I went off with Jess to do shopping for the NaNo party on Saturday. Mainly I helped her pick out prizes to hand out for the party games she came up with.

Saturday I was over at her place again, mostly working on beading stuff and/or sorta-kinda helping out with getting ready for the party.
We got to the party (in Sac) about an hour early, and the host was late arriving because he went to pick up stuff. He was in student apartments, and there were two guys hanging around in a suspicious manner, fucking around with a guy's car that we saw. Another chick at the party saw these two peeing on a tree. Classy. Jess warned the car owner when she saw him as to what had gone on, and he said his car had already been stolen once and now he just took the battery out. God, I'm such a suburban girl. There were also some legend-in-their-own-mind big shot types hanging around outside when we left, and Jess shot the shit with them to deflect the Crazy.

Anyway, once we got INSIDE, the party was fun and dandy. I ended up winning one of the party games- the Bulwer-Lytton one. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? Heh. I think I have figured out the winning formula to the contest, though:
(a) Dirty and/or gross is always funny
(b) So is the word "hamster."'s the sentences I came up with to win the title:
Round 1: "He did things with hamsters that were completely unmentionable to anyone, such as using them to stuff fish and then served them together at Thanksgiving dinner, except I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that part, it was supposed to be a surprise, oops!"

Round 2: "You have no idea how hard it is to top a sentence that involved gross things happening with hamsters, until I remembered the day I tripped over an inflatable sheep with a beer bottle stuck upt its bunghole and "Welcome aboard, bitch!" written on the label."

Besides all of that, it was much writing gossip and snark and fun, and I only wish I could go to the out-of-town meetings to hang out with these folks. Alas, the out of town meetings are held about an hour too early for me to show up at any, but oh well. I do need to write SOMETIME.

Speaking of said novel, I haven't done much of anything about it. This does not bode well. And yet what do I do? I keep stalling around and not working on it and trick-or-treating at KoL and going through e-mail and not working on jack squat. I am so bad.

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