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Halloween Sketch Comedy

2018-10-31, 9:38 p.m.

Well, this was about the best Halloween night I've EVER had in this town. Usually Halloween is a whopping washout here. I've probably said this before--hardly anyone ever dresses up, nothing going on (not even trick-or-treating at night, FFS) except maybe frat parties and the one time I went to one it was like a boring cocktail party.

My office, as usual, is not that into dressup. I did next to nothing with regards to my costume this year other than I made a reversible hat and otherwise bought the clothes and still tied for first ($10 gift card for Starbucks) with High Horse, who wears the same costume every year for an hour and then takes it off. I give him points for trying because most people don't here, but then why take it off? I figure this is like him being a Wacky Sock Person: maybe he wants to be weird, he just doesn't want anyone to notice it or something.

Whatever. Anyway, nobody got what my costume was but that is probably all for the best.

I couldn't help but notice that another office here actually seemed to have more people dressed up. Normally that's a department I'd rather shoot myself than work in (my boss's wife is in it and we're both like, you find that enjoyable? It's super crazy stressful), but this was the one time ever that I wished I worked in there!

So, work's like usual on that score. But tonight I had Plans! Because there was a sketch comedy show being held in town! It's by the same guy who did Gutenberg: The Musical and the improv class, with some of the actors from our Shakespeare festival. The girl who played Rosalind recently was the musical guest and I think she was everyone's favorite with her fun twisted songs about breakups, stalking, moving, etc.

The sketches were Halloween themed--a company rah-rah event for selling candy, weird kids at school, mention of a murder-themed restaurant in our town, a weird drug that has to do with skeletons. My favorite of the night was the ending "Dooby-Soo," a Scooby-Doo parody that rocked the house. It turns out that Velma (er, "Vilma") wrote a lot of this and go for her. I told her afterwards this was the best Halloween I'd ever had here. High-five!

They also had a costume contest. I decided to change outfits and be a "bling witch" so I could wear that sequinned hat I got the other day, and broke out my dazzling bustle, the top of my Renaissance costume and bodice, mermaid leggings, etc. I'm genuinely surprised that didn't win (this one actually had a lot of competition but I think I was about the fanciest, me and the mermaid), but some folks do have a fascination with serial killer costumes for whatever reason and I think 2 of 3 winners were those. But after hearing what the prizes were, i.e. stuff I wouldn't have used, I am fine with that. I'd feel bad getting a $100 gift certificate to get training in becoming a runner.

Anyway, the night was great! I hope they keep this up!

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