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Halloween Karaoke Party

2019-10-31, 7:13 p.m.

Halloween at work was fun, we had a “Day of the Dead” party this year and we’ve instituted treat baskets outside our offices, which folks are loving. I like that I have an office to have a basket at, and folks liked the candy. I also got quite pleased while out on break with my coworkers and ran into an entire Disney villains parade on campus and that was really fun, especially when I opened my trenchcoat to reveal my outfit. This year I saw more costumes than ever before on campus (according to one coworker, I just wasn’t going out at the right times to see them, according to another she thought less folks were dressed up). Usually I’m the only one, but I saw a lot of them this year, particularly onesie costumes. I walked in to work today behind a pineapple onesie costume and I was all, another synchronicity?! Damn, it’s a pineapple!

Other costumes: RBG, turtle (onesie), narwhal (onesie), someone dressed as a blender.

Matthew held his karaoke party at his house since they had power. Robert and Janene were dressed as Robin and Batgirl, so we were all superheroes together, huzzah! Matthew, Jim and Ashley had their outfits on from Tuesday. Sue came as a Pink Lady and Juliette as a cat (with fish in bag earrings), Jessica (Matthew’s girlfriend) came as Minnie Mouse, Doris didn’t dress up and came as “an old bitch,” I am quoting her directly. Scott eventually showed up hours later after having some kind of wardrobe malfunction or something so he didn’t come in costume, but he got dubbed “The Hulk” after we took a group photo and the lighting in the room came out very green at the time. His outfit was Bruce Bannerish...

The fortune cookie I got said “Follow your heart, it will never be wrong.”

While I’m at it, Quote Corner:

“I came as an old bitch.” -Doris

“I love babies. For breakfast.” -Doris
“I love babies as long as they belong to someone else.” -Jessica (has two teenagers)

After borrowing a bit of wardrobe: “Now I’m an old bitch with a hat.” -Doris

“Go bat bitch! I mean Batgirl!” -Matthew
“That’s my line!” -Doris

“I love being delusional, it’s so exciting!”- Doris

Robert tried to do hero-themed songs tonight. I had several themes, ranging from Angsty Man Pain (again) to “Songs that are kinda Halloween themed” (Cruella de Vil, Ghost, Dancing in the Moonlight) to...I dunno, mopier stuff when the mood changed. I did “Sooner or Later” from Dick Tracy and Matthew liked it and said I should do it at karaoke, ending with “Missing” by Everything But The Girl. I don’t normally fit any kind of torch singer anything and lord knows I couldn’t catch a guy ever, but I do like that Madonna song. I’m guessing Scott probably did not under the circumstances, but whatever. He was mostly wandering around in the back avoiding people. Then it occurred to me that that stupid kiss is probably why. Brought it on myself, didn’t I. Should have occurred to me two weeks ago why things are like that now.

Jim tried to get Janene to sing “Muskrat Love” with him, and Robert was all, “Janene hates Muskrat Love.” Even I think that’s too horrible of a turd (seriously, MUSKRAT SQUEAKING SEX NOISES). Though on a related note, I did get Matthew to sing “The Streak” for everyone who didn’t hear it before, and everyone was delighted.

I tried to talk others into going to see Gypsy since Heidi is in it, but got a “maybe?” out of Robert and an “I’ll get back to you” from Scott, so I assume that translates into no and I decided to go alone tomorrow. Hell, these days you never know if there’s going to be fires, tornadoes, or power outages preventing you from seeing a show in the future, and the cast of Gypsy has already had some kind of thing going wrong with their building so they had to move their show to a CHURCH (ironic?!) and are doing free shows because they don’t have sets any more. I’m going to cram it in while I can even if I can’t get anyone else to do it.

I also tried to nail people down on how we were handling carpool on Saturday (I emailed everyone about that and Gypsy a few days ago, got no response, grrrr and argh) and got a surprise “could you pick Cameron up?” from Scott, to which I was all, “fine, I’ll just do it on the way back from Sacramento, I’m going out there to get a book anyway.” (The Toil and Trouble one.) Scott then said he was going into Sacramento that day to go shopping for his costume. I thought hm, wouldn’t it be nice if we met up then, but...under the circumstances, probably not happening, right.

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