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October Partying Wrapup

2010-11-01, 1:55 p.m.

Okay, so I need to do some catching up here...

Two weekends ago, I went to a Burning Man double birthday party in San Francisco. Good times. I do wish I could go back to Burning Man (er, had a job that let me have time off during that week), because god knows those folks aren't dull. It's the second party I've been to this year that had impromptu (birthday spankins in this case) flogging break out... which, I guess, tells you about what happens when I start hanging out with Bay Area hippies. I need to reiterate to my shrink that yes, I do go out and do different things to meet people...

This was my Halloween costume for the year. This is how my work reacted to it.

This last weekend, I went with Jackie to go see David Sedaris. She insisted on getting books signed, and we actually made it into the line early. (I have seen him before, but when I got there the line was from one end of the building to the other and I was all, "fuck that.") Actually I probably could have gone without doing it because I find the whole fans-and-subject interaction thing to just be weird. But he is very nice to everyone in the line, chats with you. I wasn't exactly the world's most sparkling personality (I may say weird shit, but I'm not going to try to out-Sedaris Sedaris here) and mostly hung back while Jackie fangirled. I could have been swifter on the uptake when he asked for a joke-- i.e. I should have told one, and if he asks you, tell him one-- but oh well. I'm also seeing him in April again so I can think that one over.

He was freaking hilarious. Watching him (or Neil Gaiman, or Carrie Fisher) makes me keep thinking how much I would just like to hit the stage and say weird funny shit and make people laugh. Also, there's nothing quite like a little guy dropping the f-bomb at every possible opportunity. He read aloud from his new book (the story about cheating dogs, whatever it's called) and I have to say that while reading it on the page didn't do anything for me, it's a lot funnier and makes more sense when you hear him reading it. Get the audiobook, folks. Especially given the other narrators on it. He also read some journal entries he'd made while in airports, especially one where he was watching some teenage dad flying with his parents/babymomma/kid and the guy was wearing a shirt that said "Freaky Mothafucka." Some older lady nearby him was making catty comments and he wanted to join in, and then realized that he wanted to ask her political party first, and if she was of the wrong one he'd find himself actually defending the guy... He chose the "middle road" and instead commented on "And they can't even spell motherfucker right on the shirt?", and the lady went away. Bwah.

In other news, much less fun, I got an e-mail saying that my local friends mailing list was going to be deleted. Happy fucking Samhain!

Yeah, I know, it's been dead for months because even when I was posting to the list, "Hey, anyone want to do anything?" hardly anyone would respond, but still.

I am just really pissed off at my former friends. A year ago we were all together and now... people just flaked and drifted off. And the ones that live nearby me just flat out ignore me when they see me in person now. Gee, thanks.

So yeah, Halloween sucked, thanks. I couldn't even get drunk enough to make that better.

Though since I no longer have a party to go to, I did get my NaNoWriMo novel started at midnight, just like the good ol' days. (Kind of a stupid idea when you have work the next day, but who said I was smart?) Between the 12-1 a.m. writing and writing at lunch, I have 2786 words so far, so go me. One good thing came out of a crap night.

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