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Halloween Weekend

2015-11-01, 11:27 p.m.

Halloween weekend was BUSY.

Friday: had a building-wide Halloween party, which was good because my office...well, one guy had an animated shirt on, but otherwise I'm the only one who dressed up again. Turns out that entire departments dress up in themes, so there were an army of pirates and a lot of convicts (and one cop). There was a giant food party, though I think the costume contest that nobody knew about ended up being a total wash.

I went as Rainbow Brite this year (haven't even gotten to uploading pictures though)--which is an interesting choice to do in 2015 when only the 80's kids get it. My costume was pretty great, but I knitted sleeves and legwarmers to go with the dress that I'd added trim to, and it turned out to be like 85 degrees out. God, my arms were hot. I seriously went home and ripped them off like I was The Hulk.

That night I went to go see Zombie: The Musical at the Comedy Spot, which was pretty good. It's an actual scripted show, which is rare for here. The author/lead zombie apologized "on behalf of the author" to his mother for all the dirty sexual content and I was thinking, "Dude, I've been here when you were doing a show with a glory hole in it and your mom was in the front row." Anyhoo, the show features a zombie who doesn't want to eat humans because he used to be one and that's gross, and a human who's obsessed with her biology degree and wants to study how zombies work. Zombies eat humans because it gives them orgasms, but it's eventually figured out that pork has the same effect. The villain was a zombie named Tex who literally had bites taken out of his cowboy hat. Nice!

Saturday was busy. I drove down to the Bay Area and went with Mom to Angelica's, because Angelica was throwing a Halloween pumpkin-carving party. Which was apparently a bring-your-own thing and Mom didn't exactly get on the stick about that ahead of time, but did find a pumpkin in the grocery store down there so that worked out.

Amusingly enough, the best conversation of the day was talking about Mom's wacky dating life. There is a guy she's known since middle school that she seems to be engaging in the world's slowest flirtation with--they talk on the phone for 4 hours and he still hasn't asked her out yet. Though next weekend we are supposed to meet up with him at a Hawaiian festival (he's Hawaiian), so LET'S SEE HOW THIS GOES.

Mom got a last-minute call from cousin Bill, who is out here working for 2 weeks. We were busy during the day, but took him out to dinner at Buck's, previously mentioned here. It's quite a sight.

After dropping him off, we went to a haunted house exhibit done by Mom's friend Jan's stepkids--it was a Star Wars theme with cutouts and a spaceship in the lawn, a perennially running slideshow of Star Wars videos (Star Wars kittens, Star Wars chipmunks, Jedi Grandma), a remote control droid created out of car parts and Dollar Store merchandise in five hours (!!!), and a lit-up cantina area with candy and booze. Huzzah! Very cool.

And after that, Mom wanted donuts, so we went to Krispy Kreme and I got a free one for being in costume.

Long but interesting day.

On Sunday, I followed Mom and the aforementioned Jan while they went to a restaurant, scouting it for a party they're throwing next weekend. I think it's a winner. Though at one point they were all, "What if we use this outdoor patio?" and I was all, NO, the time change just happened and it'll probably be cold and raining by nightfall next weekend.

I think it's incredibly odd how once the time change happens, the weather IMMEDIATELY turns to shit. I watched it happen while driving home. I went from weather that was probably around 75-ish degrees and sunny around 3:30 when I left to cloudy, dark and raining by the time I got home. Very depressing.

I did get some writing in, which is good because it's NaNoWriMo. I'm rather impressed I got any writing done while Mom was around because that's pretty hard to do.

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