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Nothing I Can Do

2020-11-01, 8:07 p.m.

Talked to Scott (barely) this morning, it did not go well. He wasn't out much (looks like they did have another employee in there today?) and I mostly talked to his mom, which was fun. I like her and she likes my stuffed animals. Awwww. I mostly talked to her about craft stuff, I had on the knitted dress to show her, she liked it. I asked if they still had safety eyes and she said yes, they just don't know where to put them yet so she made him get out the box and I made a list of what they had on hand.

He just looks tired. Said that people came to look at buying the house yesterday. That was about it. I felt like I shouldn't even be wanting to hug him (thought we did anyway). I think I'm just gonna leave him alone and not try any more. There is nothing I can do. I think I'm just not going to bother to try texting either if he's not going to respond to anything. Poor guy has nothing left and I can't think of how to fuel him under the circumstances. I guess there just is no answer to that. Life is just gonna be horrible for a long time now.

Oh well, at least I got some awesome yarn.

I don't plan on going in there again for quite some time unless the stuff I ordered comes in. I don't know when I'll have the time to go over again anyway since Charlotte's Web shall be keeping me pretty busy the next few weekends.

I actually briefly considered signing up for Bumble today. I know, hideous. Though it said that once you had a swipe right match (or whatever) you have to decide to act on it within 24 hours and I was all, what if I don't WANT to immediately act on someone and contact them? What if I'm vaguely considering it but don't feel certain? Then I thought, oh, right, people on dating apps do them because they actually want to date and they WANT to move on it right away. They're not in a perpetual state of "meh" on every possible opportunity. Clearly I don't want to actually date. I want a boyfriend but not to actually keep trying on people on dates to see if they fit. Especially when I am the pickiest person on the planet. Bleeeeech. Never bloody mind.

We were supposed to do the last pre-submission reading of Tailwind again, but Kelly was feeling badly again and canceled again, so I spent the afternoon on my patio with the new laptop, watching videos (the rest of Beyond Belief, last week's Supernatural, whatever) and knitting. I went into the corner with headphones on and eventually noticed that Reggie was blasting music and calling out to people on the street ("Hi, my name's Reggie, what's yours/" "Thank you, bye!" "Nice to meet you, thank you, bye!" Oy.....). Might have been having more beer there, I dunno, I stayed quiet. Wasn't really in the mood to be chatty anyway.

Just resting up before the real hell occurs, I guess.

Tonight I am watching Stargirl, a show that came out after the pandemic started and I lost interest in watching live television. Courtney is a cute blonde gymnast from California who is forced to move to Nebraska (shudder) after her mother remarries Luke Wilson and someone gets a job there. Luke Wilson seems to have associated with superheroes in the past, or so Courtney finds while digging around in the attic. She also finds a sentient magic stick/wand thing, flies around/does gymnastics with it, and then uses it to take out some jock boy's car....first by trying to let the air out of a tire, somehow ending in the car exploding. It's the Cosmic Staff and it's "extremely temperamental." The Justice Society died 10 years ago on Christmas Eve, Pat the stepdad says...which is when Courtney's dad vanished...she checks the photo in her locket and is all, HEY WAIT A MINUTE MY DAD WAS IN THE JSA.....

However, everyone disavows this, as Pat is all "His name was Sylvester" and Courtney says her dad was Sam, but obviously some kind of alias could have been happening here, she points out. (Though really, total coincidence if you end up marrying your friend's baby momma?)

Uh.... Pat's code name was "Stripesy." Seriously?! He was Starman's sidekick, or "assistant," as Courtney points out. He's all "you don't even have a driver's license yet." Damn, she's like 15?! Anyway, they agree to keep their mouths shut to the rest of the family.

Courtney goes to play with the staff again and it drags her into the vicinity of a bad guy mind-reader...and then it turns out that ah. Pat has a giant TRANSFORMER he is riding around in. Oh dear lord, the lulz. And the next episode is called "S.T.R.I.P.E."

Episode 2: Pat LITERALLY picks Courtney up and brings her to a warehouse. He built his giant robot out of old car parts after Sylvester died. He identifies her attacker as Brainwave, a member of....

"The INJustice Society? None of you are good at names, are you, Stripesy?" "It was a different time back then." What time period does this show take place IN?! I feel like it wants to be in the 50's. Also, he mentioned "Hawkman and Hawkgirl." Oh god, not them again. Courtney reasonably points out that it can't be a coincidence on the two men being here. I like how she calls out shit. Pat is the only survivor and he originally came to Blue Valley, Nebraska on a research dead end, but he had no idea any of them were around. He's never used his robot before!

That Johnny Cash song about "one piece at a time" plays as Pat tests out his robot. I give points for appropriateness And also the dog. And I love it when the robot sets its own butt on fire.

Brainwave interrogates Henry Jr. and tries to get Henry Jr. to read his mind. Henry Jr. is dense as shit.

I've never seen a girl take a PAPER CUTTER to a costume before...and then she has fun with the sewing machine. Like me, when one misbehaves, she moves on to the next machine in the home ec room. However, that fabric seems pretty dense to remodel.... I had enough of a hard time sewing leather, much less whatever the Starman costume was out of.

Pat goes to the gym with an ass-slapper calling himself "Crusher." OH MY. He lectures him about pain. Good lord.

So one of the school "singles" (i.e. nerds), Beth, videochats her parents at work during lunch even though they don't want her to. Sadly, her parents work with Evil Henry and that helps him ID Courtney. Also, it's Open House Night!

"Stop telling me what to do!!!" Pat is the kind of guy who lets himself get bossed around by a15-year-old girl. Seriously, dude. How do you find a mindreader? LITERALLY THINK "BRAINWAVE!" in a crowded room.

Brainwave literally punches Pat with his own robot fist. Hilarious.

"I'm Stargirl, and THAT's my sidekick." LOLOLOLOLOL. Later: "C'mon sidekick, don't give up on me now!" "But this time you have a freakin' robot!" She then makes up an acronym (a terrible one) for S.T.R.I.P.E. which reminds me of the line about how someone really wanted it to spell out SHIELD.

Episode 3: "I have a three point plan: Find them, surprise them, kick their asses."

Oh, wait, we had two episodes of a teenage girl with no love interest. I guess we have to work on that.

Remember how Pat has his own kid? He wants his kid to get a paper route. I had forgotten there was a second kid here and why should I care?

I will note that the bad guys brought in to replace Brainwave look so much like him (tall, thin, suits, cheekbones that would cut you) that I am all, what's the difference? I guess one of them makes ice and the other is a politician? Also, hair color?

Stargirl's mom brought up having a theater and now I am all 2020 sad.

Cameron is the quiet love interest who painted over the word 'slut" on a girl's locker. Courtney is down with that. The math teacher isn't. "This is algebra, not the dating game." "What's the dating game?"

Okay, putting a giant frozen star in the middle of a field? I kinda like it. I like how the staff just like, shows up in the middle of the day in the kitchen with a 'tude. Aren't you lucky the other kid left?

Well, no one's here for dinner except for the kid, looks like he and the dog fed themselves.

Oh jesus, Icicle just attacked a bus full of kids and then the nice magician kid gets hit by a car while everyone just stands there screaming.

Courtney is brought to the Justice Society HQ and reasonably suggests that hey, WE COULD GET NEW PEOPLE. I love how she may be a 15 year old blonde girl, but she's like, absolutely reasonable and smart.

Cameron's dad is Icicle, who just took out a father and son. Wow, what a dick.

"Project: New America will keep everyone safe." THERE'S WORDS TO SCARE ME IN 2020.

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