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Fantasy Job Already Exists, But...

2011-11-02, 2:19 p.m.

Hey, remember this entry? It already exists! They don't hire, though.

I will say that reading some LA websites really get me psyched about moving. Especially where I found like three craft centers in the area I am daydreaming about (Silver Lake/Los Feliz/Echo Park). WOOOOOOT!

Back on topic: I caved and signed up for NaNo at the last minute. I figure that worst comes to worst, I already DID write a novel in 2011, you know? In the meantime I'll work on the old one. Already I am kind of frustrated as to figuring out my problem of being a quote whore. Lame, eh?

Samhain was not as sucktastic as it usually is (by which I mean the holiday, not Halloween itself...actually that was also pretty lame for a Monday, but at least I saw some folks around with costumes), so that was nice. I did a little ritual by myself for Dad's birthday and the like, which went surprisingly well. I'm not sure what else to say about that...

I went back to meditation class at work again and have been kind of spaced out since. Spent meditation class daydreaming about Arizona, hah. I try to force myself to do this thing to develop my psychic powers and whatnot and uh...not so much, probably? Well, who knows. Maybe a message got out into the cosmos somewhere.

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