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Rocky Horror (Not Picture) Show

2019-11-02, 7:16 p.m.

I figured I was likely to spend the entire day until it was time to carpool in Sacramento, so I decided to get into my 20’s outfit early so I didn’t have to worry about getting home in time to change. I left off the fringed shawl, boa, and cloche hat, but did have on the dress, pearls, pantyhose (which I then snagged, joy) and Mary Janes, and even pinned on the brunette short wig for the day. This went a lot better since I wasn’t dancing or wrestling a Badger in the wig that time, though I did say, “Okay, here’s my ID, I know I look different today, I’m going to a party” when I went to pay off my credit card. After doing local errands, I went out to B&N and grabbed Toil and Trouble and other books and a deck of cards and then proceeded to read through various books trying to figure out if I wanted to buy them or not.

Mostly I decided no on what I read, but I was amused at some book called “Astro Poets” that had some memorable remarks about Tauruses loving anything with the word “fried’ or “chocolate” that I can’t argue with too much (beyond “frying doesn’t actually improve zucchini”), and a very cute bit about how “the sexiest thing about them is the way they hug.... They just have a way of enveloping you in warmth and kindness. If you haven’t ever escaped into a Taurus’s safe arms, then you haven’t really ever lived. Their embrace means acceptance, desire, protection, and vulnerability, all at once.” Yes, I photograped that page to quote that. A lot of people comment on my hugs, especially of late (funeral, Ron when I last went over to see him and Dawn after work yesterday), but that explains the experience for everyone else, I guess.

I then read the Pisces section (guess why, sigh) and it said that they have super intuition and can read you very well, which uh....yeah.... and also that they’re “in love with all their friends.” MmmHMMM. Again, a direct quote that was certainly relevant later today: “It will feel lilke their friendships are huge relationships of their own, full of romantic and sexual tension, and a history that seems intimidating compared to the one you have (especially if you’ve just started dating). Get used to this. Pisces fall in love with trees and ants and the sky between seven and eight in the morning. They do this every day. Now imagine how they are with people.” I was also amused at “While they might resist going to a party, they’ll also be the last to leave.” Lord, ain’t that the truth. I was amused later at dinner when birthdays came up and he said he’s a Pisces, “the weird and crazy ones.” For someone who says he doesn’t believe in astrology, hmmmm?

Just as I was about to look up some information about the card deck, which looked interesting but didn’t have much info on the package, I got a text from Scott saying that he was at the L Street Goodwill if I’m around and I said I was going to be up there today. I said I’d head over after I got out of line and immediately ran off to buy Toil and Trouble, chucking the card deck aside for now.

When I got there, unfortunately the Halloween costumes had been taken away, including the entire fedora collection I mentioned was there two weeks ago. So much for me researching where all the guys could get costume stuff, I guess. So after I arrived, we weren’t there all that long, though there was kind of an amusing conversation when we were looking at fancy ties and he said he liked ties and I said I don’t hear that too often from guys and literally, the guy next to us (also shopping for a costume party) also said he liked ties. “Well, I guess there’s two of you,” I said. Then we went off to the other Goodwill, where he found an entire suit and another jacket that he liked. I doubt I was much help on men’s clothing other than saying “eh, I think that vest matches the jacket fine” sorts of things, but I guess I have the same “good luck charm” shopping effect that I do when Dawn takes me shopping when she wants a specific item for someone else as well. I also looted through their hilarious collection of awful Christmas sweaters, including ones where a bunch of garlands were just GLUED ON to the sweater, and my favorite, with “Deck the Halls With My Christmas Balls” written on it in puff paint and then two blingy balls attached at the bottom. The entire building probably heard my cackle on that one.

After that we split up, him to get the car washed and me to go look for more damn pantyhose (which I then snagged even worse than the last pair putting them on, but I ended up finding a third pair that survived at home), and then eventually everyone met up in Winters. Robert and Janene, meanwhile, attended the Salmon Festival earlier that day. Robert was very disappointed that it turned out to be some kind of “Save the Salmon!” event rather than a festival of salmon eating. (Cameron: “Save the salmon! From Robert eating them!” Robert: “I wish I knew that before coming with a salmon appetite.”) We hung around the quilt shop as a meeting place waiting for everyone to meet up. Turns out my shawl and my boa were quite annoying and basically tried to crawl off my body at various points during the evening, which I snarked about to Cameron because she’d understand. It’s kinda like “no battle plan survives contact with the enemy,” except involving costumes and wardrobe that seem fine when you are in the house. And then you leave the house and move around.

We ate at Habit Burger and nobody had any allergic reactions, so yay for that. I was the weirdo who orders salad at the burger joint and was trying to cram it all down fast so I wouldn’t hold up leaving.

I am sorry to say that he continued to be very focused on Cameron once she showed up, acting out that he was punched in the face by her beauty (by comparison, he noticed I had a wig on and my outfit wasn’t rainbow), sitting next to her at dinner and the show, etc. I...well, ignored the whole thing/sat as far away as I could get, and tried not to look in their direction a lot of the time. It was kind of hard to ignore him during the show though. Though I was amused that she declined to sit in the front and sat next to me in the back the entire time instead.

The Rocky Horror (Not Picture) Show that Original Blonde Sarah is in was at a very cool old theater in the sorta round (3 sides) with stairs and a band. Jean was working at the concessions booth in a flapper costume that she got at Goodwill, I wonder how she managed to score one there that she actually looked good in. They asked everyone but me if they were virgins to the show. Thankfully they didn’t ask me and I did not volunteer any information on that one. As far as I’m concerned, if I’ve seen the movie/shadowcast, and already did a dance to “Happy Boy” while pretending to masturbate to it, I have already lost my Rocky virginity just fine, thanks, and don’t want to encourage any jokes about a second virginity. Also, if they’d wanted to write a “V” on my forehead, ain’t no way they were going to FIND my forehead between the wig and the hat. Brian was a total Rocky virgin and Scott seemed to have gotten V’d on the technicality of not having seen the stage show. This seemed rather odd considering that he was in a shadowcast for years, so I think he just wanted to have to get whipped on the ass while saying “Oh Rocky!” with everyone else.

The stage show is about the same as the movie, except Brad has a song added in that’s not that memorable and the sex scenes were a lot more explicit this year (said Sarah, who’s a repeat in the show). I suppose that makes sense if they had a theater in the round show and could not just do silhouettes like in the movie. Robert, Janene and Formerly Redhead Sarah went to the stage show in SF on Monday and Robert said that they had a silhouette going on in that show, but “a lot of fluids were used.” But basically, same thing but as a stage show. They had a lot of callouts going on, and while Scott claimed he didn’t know all of them, I’d say he knew at least 75% of them. Loudly. He and I were the ones laughing while everyone else in our group was pretty well quiet. Clearly he was having a blast.

There was some guy (who has seen the show 100+ times, we were told later) who was doing a different kind of callouts. Normally callouts during this show are reactions to the actual lines in the show (example: “I’m Janet Weiss” is followed up with “Slut!” or if you’re Scott, “In training, give her a few scenes” or something like that), which I guess Brian had issues with following. But the 100+ times guy was doing a different sort, he’d say something or other like, “So how do you feel about Joe Biden?” and the next line in the show would be “Fine.” I’m sorry that’s what I remember to say back instead of the better lines, but there were a lot of good lines snarking on Trump and Pence or any other thing. The reverse callouts fitting with the script were delightful.

Folks loved Magenta, Columbia and Frank, but my favorite was Janet, who had this adorably round sweet innocent face and big eyes and long blonde hair and she worked that innocent look while going from scared to horny. You go, girl. There were a lot of orgies going on on the floor there that reminded me of doing contact improv, except X rated.

The costumes were 1920’s flappers and lingerie and corsets and glitter, which looked lovely. I wonder what they’ll do next year? 60’s/70’s, perhaps? It made me wish I could be a Transylvanian. When do they have auditions for this show again?

Brian had no idea what was going on and was trying to figure it out. I sat next to him and he was dead quiet throughout the entire thing. Sarah reported afterwards that she’d be looking over at us and I’d be laughing and he’d be staring. We all said hi to her and Jean (again) afterwards and she was happy to have us there.

Everyone felt so good after doing that for Sarah that that I brought up seeing Heidi again, but got a whole lot of what boiled down to, nobody can go at the same time. I pointed out that if we go, we’d need to go in the next few weekends because after that, then we have shows at the same time, but...yeah, I don’t think it’s going to happen. I am bummed for Heidi. Well, I tried, but I can’t get that going this time. Argh.

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