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She Hunted Our Staff Down

2020-11-02, 7:10 p.m.

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Work meeting:

First: the costumes. Lioness's baby grandchild was an elephant with a very large peanut. Adventure Girl and her roommates dressed as the Scooby Gang: "I take my group costumes very seriously. I don't know what I would do if they told me no." They went to LA this weekend for visiting. Now she is at her mom's playing with guide dog puppies, and showed us one. Penguin Girl threw a "surprise music festival" for her brother's birthday (which is Election Day, god help him), said it was immediate family, 10 people, everyone got tested.

Here's the surprise shocker of the morning: remember the girl who was emailing me about work stuff on my personal email on a Friday night? She messaged Lioness on Facebook Messenger the same night. Lioness read it aloud and it was almost entirely the same stuff the girl said to me, down to "the manager, who I think is you," and that is when I started seeing red and thinking, "WTF?!" Adventure Girl also got emailed, but "the one time I take a day off...." Lioness called the girl back since she desperately wanted a phone call, and guess what, her voicemail was full. Penguin Girl was all, I mailed it on Friday, I just didn't know she wanted a phone call. (Not that that would have gone well anyway, I guess.) "She hunted our staff down" was said. Grandboss said to not respond on your personal email on your own time and it should have been deleted. I didn't say a ward as to what I did. I would not want to be hanging with this girl at the Craft Center right now, but hey, it's not an issue!

Penguin Girl was all, don't leave the house for a few days no matter what. Not an issue, I said, but then I got emailed saying that NOW I need an oil change. Sigh. I don't know when I am going to get that done. Probably not this week though since odds are high riots, looting, murder, god knows what might break out. We'll see how next week is going.

Other than that, work was fairly quiet, thank god. I am hoping that since the rest of life is going to be awful, maybe people can tone it down at work and not go insane?

Mom called after work to report on the funeral last Friday: she claims "nobody went to the funeral" and I don't know if I can believe that or not since she couldn't see much of it before the Zoom shut down. The only ones on it were her, my cousin Cassie in Tennessee and another one of my uncle's cousins, in Oregon. Mom said the other two just talked about their cats and Mom got fed up and logged off. She was also snitty at Cassie for not turning her camera on because she said she didn't want to cry on Zoom and I immediately was all, CRYING ON ZOOM SUCKS, DO NOT SHAME HER FOR THAT, at least.

Then either 20, 30, or 50(!) people came by Randall's house for the post-funeral gathering. They were outside and had on masks as far as Mom could tell from the Zoom, but it sounds like Travis and Alicia and Uncle Brad and Aunt Susan all went. I can't even with the amount of people that went to that, for fuck's sake. I have SEEN Randall's yard, it's not THAT huge and I can't even imagine trying to park more than a few cars in his mountain neighborhood. I can't even with my famdamnily. I don't care who died, having a bunch of people over could KILL YOU now, you wanna be a news statistic?!

Seriously, I want a new family to adopt me.

I did not know Superstore was back on, and of course they are just the show to tackle our current times. Marcus has of course gotten it on spring break, so if anyone was hanging out with him....Nobody was. Of course Cloud 9 would rather donate masks to others than PPE-up for the employees. Amy literally BEHEADS A BEAR WITH A PAPER CUTTER to provide a "mask" and start making their own hand sanitizer. "Maybe it is time for humanity to wrap it up," says Jonah. Cheyenne hides TP in the ceiling. "If you wanted to be protected, you should have been MERCHANDISE." There is a disinfecting robot spraying. "I'm going to chase you, I'm just waiting for six feet!" The ceiling breaks open. "You're in an impossible situation. We all are. Something has to change." Famous last words that don't.... Amy tries to plug that the employees need PPE and of course the CEO claims she froze up....

I am actually taking it pretty chill today because circa tomorrow night, Wednesday, and the rest of our lives is going to be a nightmarish neverending hell. I have no hope or faith that Trump won't win in a rigged landslide. This is the darkest timeline and I can't even conceive of how horrible everything is going to be. I'm sure I won't even care about anything like what's going on with Scott or my family doing dumb shit or anything once the nightmare has no hope of ending. I read something today about how it's bad to anticipate bad things because then you suffer twice. Well, think of it this way: do you get more hurt from tripping on the sidewalk or falling off a skyscraper? I am going to have NO hopes. This year, I'm going to try my damndest to not have far to fall. He's going to win no matter what, apparently.

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