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One Last Time

2018-11-04, 6:51 p.m.

So I had my last one on one with my boss today. It was really nice and ended up lasting a long time since we got out of a previous meeting early. He gave me tips on strategy and how to deal with the new regime, I heard a bit of stuff I hadn't heard before on other things, and we talked about stuff like moving and also some other random things. I don't think he did that with the other ones, and he did say at one point that it'd be good for me to get out of that "toxic" environment and that he thought they might have been overreacting. Uh...yeah.

I feel like I want to say more about this but can't, somehow. But it was really nice. We have swapped contact information so hopefully we stay in touch and if I ever make it down to San Diego (Mom has various friends down there), maybe.

He did say that my new manager doesn't want to be a bully any more and is working on it, so that is hopeful. She doesn't take suggestions at all from what I've heard, so...make it seem like her idea or just keep your mouth shut, I guess. That will take some getting used to since I've been doing that for 2 years--and added bonus, during business process mapping, that is supposed to be happening. Sigh.

Why can't I get myself to work on applying for jobs? I admit I don't care about any of the ones I found whatsoever and almost all of them are out of town (which came up in the conversation with my boss) which also bothers me because I find the idea of moving over-fucking-whelming, especially with the rigid lease issues here. But I need to be desperate here so it's not like I can afford to be picky either. But instead I diddled around and mostly worked on my boss's goodbye present.

Oh, so Mom's drama on Thursday? You know what it boiled down to? Her boyfriend usually has a standing date or two (I forget how many) with his bestie on weekends, except bestie is out of town this weekend and she just wanted to spend the entire weekend with him. WELL, WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST SAY SO comes to mind. I'm the "cool mom" here, and I do not care if you want to go over there and boink. And if I have to be in town that weekend, just give me a way to get back into the house (no, I don't have one without her) and I'm fine sleeping alone if you like.

So I drove down to the Hawaiian festival by myself. It was ... okay, for whatever reason they had less booths this year (a whole building down) and I ended up leaving after a few hours. So I wandered around the downtown area instead and hung out in the book store for hours, tried on a dress I'd been eyeing every time I've been being driven down that street until I realized I already had something very similar, and went to the yarn store that turned out to be not that interesting.

On Sunday, I saw Bohemian Rhapsody. I liked it well enough, I don't get why there's so much bitching other than real life inaccuracies (oh, the movie biz). I wanted to watch Freddie Mercury strut about and hear the music and that covered it for me, you know?

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