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2020-11-06, 7:29 p.m.

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Work: man, I wasn't mentally there today. I dragged through doing a spreadsheet all day. I had fun chatting with my coworkers in meetings. That is all I have to say about it.
I did hear from my old boss Julie (that was...four supervisors ago?), so that was a happy. Passed her my play links online, which is a thing I can do these days!

Other than that, I have my last night off from the play. I walked for 90 minutes, showered, did dishes, ran my lines, and am continuing to knit away while watching television.

Leslie is still SUPER SUPER SUPER UNHAPPY AT RON. Joy. They are meeting up tomorrow, I am sure I will never hear the end of it. Greaaaaaaat. I am just going to love hearing about this topic virtually every day for the rest of my life. But I just want to be, "you know what? you two really aren't that close and never have been...."

On a related note, today's Carolyn Hax chat on Washington Post:

Q: Is it okay to end the Christmas gift exchange? My best friend is a really great gift-giver. I know that she plans gifts really far in advance and always dedicates so much time and thought into them, and I am really grateful for every gift I have ever received because I know how special they are. I know she enjoys gift giving and it is clearly one of her primary love languages. The problem is I just can't keep up. I've never been a good gift-giver. I struggle with coming up with ideas and usually at the last minute I resort to utilitarian “everyone needs these” sorts of gifts. It’s just too much stress for what supposed to be a joyful time. This year is already stressful enough and I don’t think I can do it. Would it be okay to tell her I don’t want to exchange gifts this Christmas or any more going forward?

A: Carolyn Hax You could, but that's a pretty blunt instrument to solve a delicate problem. She's great at this. She (apparently) loves doing this. So, solving the old asymmetry problem with your gift exchange would create the new problem of denying your friend a chance to express herself. (Again, apparently, since I'm going just on what you've described.) So why don't you just talk to her about a Plan B? Best friend, right? Think of something you're good at or enjoy doing, like, making plans or finding cool restaurants or organizing or whatever, and come up with a way to make that your gift every year. So she gives you the great gift she spends weeks imagining for you, and you ... treat her to dinner at a new place or dog-sit for her on zero notice three times a year or take her car to be inspected. Yes? Or, possibly, she hears this and says YES, let's opt out, the gift pressure is awful. She might surprise you. Or, also, she might hate these two ideas and prefer you keep the exchange going even though it means she gets garden shears and a bathroom trash can."

I like this Ambiguity Song someone found today. I used to have an ambiguity playlist on my old iPod, I miss it, and I would have added it on.

So in other news, hey, Biden might actually get enough votes to win! Not everyone is "officially" confirming that as yet and given my usual paranoia, I'm not going to totally chill out as yet (I may not do that until after inauguration day anyway). But I actually feel like I could legitimately have hope today, which is amazing.

Watching Supernatural: Well, they called the episode "Despair," which is right. I wonder if they would have ah, vanished most of the characters had pandemic not been going on. but...y'know.

Watching The Mandalorian: God, Baby Yoda is adorable. And literally eating some poor lady's eggs. I felt so bad for her. I'm sure Mando hoped she didn't count them and definitely didn't mention it. And then Baby Yoda spider embryo, or whatever.... What does a Baby Yoda eat? WHATEVER HE WANTS. Per The AV Club: "The Child’s so gosh darn cute that we forget he’s also a bit of a trash panda." Also, Mando calls it "kid," for the record.

I really don't have shit to say tonight. I am going to type some blather until I hit It's 9 p.m. and I'm tired like a damn early bird.

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