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22 And Better Than Me

2006-11-07, 2:19 p.m.

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So, my cousin Alicia is having her graduation ceremony go on in December rather than June, apparently (she finishes in the middle of the two). I suppose that's more practical, given how many people she's going to have to drag to the thing and they only give you six tickets per person in the spring versus eight in the fall, and maybe her odds of squeezing in more people are better if she does the less-attended date. If you want any extra, you must scrounge for creatively or hope to god they have extra down at the office. In this case, Alicia has a big ol' problem: not only does inviting every relative living in California and her boyfriend pretty much use up her alloted tickets, she has to get extra just to get all of those people in.

And on top of that- and this is what blew my tiny little mind- her boyfriend's family wants to go too. This is the family that was pressuring him to dump her over the holiday break. So I am rather flabbergasted that suddenly they seem to like her, and she's going to spend Thanksgiving with them, and stuff like that. I mean, good for her and all, but...dayum. Plus, good luck scrounging SIX MORE TICKETS...and she's not even doing the two-ceremonies thing the way I did so I could squeeze everyone in. (Though I think both of her majors are still technically being counted in the same college, so she probably couldn't get away with that the way I did.)

It just kind of blows my mind that this stuff is going on with these people, especially given their previous behavior (and from what I've heard from him, his family is...uh, not all that nice to him. I can't figure out why, he's a lovely fellow.). Suddenly they are getting the In-Law Treatment, and being invited to Alicia's graduation party, and Aunt Susie is not pitching a fit about Alicia not being there for a holiday, AND letting them sleep in the same bed at her house. Yes, they live together and that cat is long since out of the bag, but that's so...sane and rational for a family member of mine. It's just kinda shocking.

Alicia is definitely gettting married before I am.

Kind of sad that I first realized this when I was 19 and she was 13 and not even dating yet, but that was always likely. She's cute and conventional, I'm a freaking weirdo. The world rewards conventionality. She's 22 and can pick men better than me and maintain a relationship longer than me. I can't help but think that I suck. That can't all be 100% sheer luck, can it?

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