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Hula and Star Wars

2015-11-08, 7:53 p.m.

Another busy weekend. I hung out with Jackie in SF on Saturday doing a post-birthday fancy lunch at Lovejoy's. She loved that, it's probably the best day we've spent together in some time. 2015 hasn't been a good year for her and doesn't appear to be getting better, so it was nice something went well. She also already didn't own the stuff I got her for her birthday, so YAY there, and also whew.

We also did a little shopping after that and looked at very amusing Star Wars Christmas merchandise at Kohl's. Seriously would recommend checking out the fake sweaters with AT-AV's and Darth Vader heads, no question.

Oh yeah, and also....Mom was putting on some high school reunion party Saturday night, so I got to watch one of the new Hallmark movies. I'll have to review it later because I still have to do NaNo tonight.

On Sunday, Mom and I went to the Hawaiian hula festival in Pleasanton. I was SUPPOSED to be able to meet that dude of Mom's, but then he didn't show, said he went Saturday instead of Sunday. GRRRRRRRR, GRRRR, I SAY.

Anyway, the rest of the festival was fun. I managed to cool it on my spending, but ah...well, Mom bought me some Christmas presents there, I'll put it that way. I now have an opal octopus necklace that's adorable, a plumeria bush (let's hope it'll be okay), and some new calendars and snacks. We even watched a little hula. Go figure.

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