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Green Screen Issues

2020-11-08, 7:41 p.m.

Mom had vomiting and diarrhea all night. She sent me four texts last night, most of which absolutely refused to download for over 12 hours. I was up till 1 a.m. reading every possible suggestion on the Internet and nothing was working. Last night and this morning I was just turning the phone off and on OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND NOTHING IS WORKING. Okay, finally after over 12 hours they downloaded. She also says she did not go to the baby shower after all. (Other texts today had some difficulties but at least came in faster today.)

I warned Jackie about Mom getting sick and she freaked out because of her own relatives and that Mom may have gotten sick on cake. No, that wasn't it since Mom started having it kick in right after getting home. I told her to call the advice nurse and Mom later said she ate a sandwich that she left out for too long. Well, let's hope that's it....

Today was the longest day of rehearsal, a full on tech day.

They gave me permission to get rid of the extra bar in the middle of the green screen frame,, which shrunk the frame down enough so that I could shove it as far back into the kitchen as possible. "You solved a major problem for us, thank you." I measured and I am ten feet away from the laptop camera and I STILL don't have feet showing, but I guess they have some kind of thing blocking feet anyway on their end so it is not an issue. Still using the lights on the side and back. I took another set of pictures for today.

I was debating whether or not to get groceries this week a little early (since I have nothing going Wednesday except rehearsal)--I'm fine on food really, just running low on one or two items and I would rather do things in one go--but once I had to start rearranging the kitchen and whatnot....nope, I am not going to add more stuff in here! I felt like such a slob when I had to keep pushing things back farther in there. I was glad I made my lunch for today last night, but it was hard enough just getting into the fridge with the green screen back there. Right now it has been moved into the hallway--good thing I'm not leaving any time soon because that hallway is full of play stuff.

We spent two hours or so on figuring out screen issues, and I think about 2.5 hours on doing the blocking for the first 8 pages I'm in. (What did we do on the rest? I'm not even sure what we did in the middle now?) Given my limited space, I just come off and on from the left side every time, have to talk to my kitchen cabinet instead of facing the camera (sigh) and then turn around and walk back. That's pretty much my blocking for everything. I did a lot of reading of my new ebook, "Dying With Her Cheer Pants On," which was very good and occupying under the circumstances. And knitting, of course.

I assume it was SUPER BORING for everyone else who didn't even make it onto the stage today, really. This will continue tomorrow, postponing the costume unboxing until Tuesday.

They did show us a screen of the first scene in which the chorus was "standing on stage" together on a farm set, which looked good, and a shot of everybody in white boxes that will get plugged into scenes.

I couldn't get all the notes of the funny stuff down, but here's what I got.
"She's doing the spider-rena!" -Sean and Mac
"It's going to be a long seven hours, but it's going to be a good seven hours" -Mac
"Why is everyone's setup today so awesome?"- Spadoni
"The funny thing, Katherine, is that you are actually trapped in a box." -Spadoni
"You're perfect, Tasha, don't listen to these guys." -Mac
"You're basically an Indian monk for the entire production." -Spadoni to Sage, saying she's in lotus position with her arms out.

"We're only an hour in and we've all lost our miiiiinds." Mac.
Sean was just about to say that.
"Hey, at least we're not yelling at each other."
"Hard to yell over Google Meet, they just mute you."

"Paige, doing her own version of Wizard of Oz." -Spadoni
"The edge of your world is the edge of the green screen." -Spadoni

"Can you go back any farther without destroying the structural integrity of your home?"
"We've already cleared out the entire room and filled up the den." -Karen.
"I guess that answers my question." -Spadoni

"Can everyone point to their scene partners? Congratulations, you got it right!"
"It's like a very complicated board game we're playing." -Kearsten on not being able to see what everyone else is doing.
"Get cozy with that wall of yours." -to Jack

We will finish blocking tomorrow. "We now know what to expect from this kind of rehearsal." "We are building cues for every single movement someone does." -Kearsten "It's wizardry that's happened and you're going to be blown away when you see it." -Sean

I was surprisingly tired after doing all of that even though I wasn't really doing much of that? I doubt I will be doing any walking exercise around the apartment for another week though, between duration and frankly, large things blocking the hallway/furniture/walking space in places.

Watching this, #2: after you get over your ex issues, you can get engaged very fast! Probably not!
This one (#2) is also very happy: "Are we ever going to be in a romantic relationship? YES! "Going against all odds, it looks like." The relationship reading pointed out that I don't know what to do, but keep holding the vision of this future and preparing/planning for it. When will this happen? When you can travel to one another, could be 8 weeks or months (sigh), also drew a card for spring equinox/March. "Hopefully how much you guys miss each other will help you." Be confident that things will work out, keep working on your own success. Maybe they need to know more about how you feel as well. A card that said "I'm focusing on work because I'm trying to forget you" came up-well, THAT figures. I honestly don't think he misses me much, if at all. Too tired to care, I suspect.

Back to Stargirl, the "Brainwave" episode. As Henry finds out from old film of his dad what his dad did to himself, Courtney debates recruiting Henry. Most of the team reasonably disagrees, even Rick ("I've never sent photos of some girl around.")

Wait, Pat was part of ANOTHER SUPERHERO TEAM? "We called ourselves the Seven Soldiers of Victory." "There were eight of you, Pat." "Yeah, we always argued about the name." They didn't die, just...drifted off, I guess?

Wait, how did the janitor's broom suddenly turn into the sword, then the Cosmic Staff, then just....go back to normal?

Cindy just dropped out of high school to study abroad with her mother. Yeah, right. More like locked in daddy prison. "She needs a nap. Turn on the gas," says her fucking prize of a dad.

"Insane in the Membrane" plays as Henry tries out telekinesis. How to go supervillain: read everyone's mind and discover that they're all sick pervert creeps and assholes. Courtney's recruiting attempt goes terribly once Henry figured out she blew out his dad's brain.

I've been wondering, "Why Blue Valley?" We find out it was founded by, to quote Rick, "old separatist freaks" who wanted to get away from the government and presumably built all the secret tunnels.

Wait, they moved from "Valley Village" to Blue Valley?!

Courtney deduces that Jordan's ability to cool a hot plate makes him Icicle. Seriously, this girl is actually good at deduction!

The "whether or not to tell Mom" debate is ended by the Cosmic Staff.

OH JESUS, HERE COMES A LAWYER TO PULL THE PLUG ON BRAINWAVE. Time for baby's first murder! .... and then Dad wakes up and is fine.

Next episode is, fittingly, "Brainwave Jr."

This show continues to wish it was in the 50's/60's even as they say "two years ago" on the screen. Anyway, it's how Pat and Barbara met: same diner, wanting a banana split, visiting BV from SoCal. THEY SHARE IT, BECAUSE THERE IS ONE BANANA (insert dirty jokes here).

"That's a broom. From Sharper Image." LOLOLOL. Barbara blames it all on Pat and kicks him out. Dang.

Brainwave just had 10 years of his life wiped, somehow. "Why are we here? In Nebraska?" LOLOL THAT'S WHAT I KEEP THINKING.

"We met while I was robbing a bank....such a cliche." Brainwave fell in love with Mary for actually having pure thoughts. "And she caught me. In more ways than one." Oh damn, Mary's brother was Starman. Courtney and Henry are cousins?! Presumably?

And the staff just....flies over on its own when Courtney won't leave. So Icicle freezes it.

See, this is why moms are usually dead in Disney: they won't let you have any fun and want to make you move out of superhero town.

Mike gives Courtney shit for not telling him, which is legit.

Courtney insta-tackles her new cousin. Henry looks disturbed. But having a common enemy who killed their parents helps?

Barbara....emails Sam? And Googles for Starman?

"Way to go, Court, you gave away our identities to the enemy." Not exactly. Yolanda breaks up with Courtney, as she should.

What the hell is Solomon Grundy? Just some giant monster dude? With a normal human name and not a cool codename?

"Stargirl." "Snap....dragon." "Dragon KING."

Barbara figured out how to translate Norwegian, apparently. "What machine?" Oh, Sam emailed back....????

Wait, Brainwave murdered his own wife? What a fucker. ....Shyeah, fighting someone with the same powers as you apparently doesn't work out. At least Henry apologizes to Yolanda. And says something nice to Courtney. Then he gets...buried.

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