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2019-11-09, 7:32 a.m.


I’ve mentioned before that usually 24 hours after the time change, we have The Cold Snap and suddenly it becomes cold for here: 30 to 40 degrees in the mornings to around 50 to 65 degrees around 3, cars frozen over, seeing your breath, and me wearing too many layers so as to not turn into an icicle at 7:30 a.m. However, this has oddly enough not happened and we’re still having fall weather here several days in. There is NO regular cold weather (by which I will technically define it here as “the high for the day is lower than 70 degrees” so you get the idea) predicted as far as November 20 on weather websites. Hello, global warming. Hello, me raising a mental eyebrow at this predictionwise. I’m happy to not be dressed in enough layers to be waddling like the kid in A Christmas Story, mind you, but that’s definitely some kinda flag here.

Why is my iPod playing “Now That I Have Found You” and its accompanying playlist by default every time I turn on the iPod, regardless of what other song was playing when I turned it off? Is this more weird witchy shit?

I have now become one of Those People who sees “11:11” on everything. This is a thing that I have made fun of and insulted my shrink about when she said she did it, because it seems very easy to me to just always conveniently/Pavlovianly be looking at a clock around that time so you can say you’re doing this.

But how-the-fuck-ever: I came home after karaoke (which, since they closed at 10:30, was earlier than usual), threw the phone on the bed, did other stuff, and when I picked it up again, guess what time it was. I did the Nelson Muntz “ha ha!” at this. Then for the next few days I keep fucking doing it at work at 1:11. Okay, so I went to lunch from 12:10 to 1:10 on Thursday so that’s likely that’s when I’d turn the iPod off and see that. This morning I did NOT take break around 11ish as I usually do because the weekly office walk was at 9;30, and I really wasn’t paying any attention to the clock until...guess what time it was. Then today I went to lunch from 12 to 1 and popped in to visit some folks in my old office space and looked over at the computer after awhile and guess what time it was. MotherFUCKER. I sent a screenshot of this to my shrink and she sent me a thumbs up emoji and “It’s always accidental” with the sideways smiley.

I texted Luis about his interview and he said it went well but he won’t hear for two more weeks.

BigBoss is doing some “21 Days of Gratitude” thing and suggested we all write notes on each other’s message boards. This actually happened and I actually got a bunch of love notes, which was really cute and sweet. In addition to work commentary, I got “fun,” “fun and creative,” “an incredible actress and friend,” “can always make me laugh and feel better about any situation,” compliments on my Halloween costume, and an amusing dog pic with stuff like “knitting kween” and “much wow” and “such cool” written on it.

I am going to cattily say that High Horse had NO notes on his door whatsoever.

I had several opportunities to go out tonight, as there were two or three shows I was considering going to for months. However, I was tired and needed to work on Jackie’s grandma’s gifts, so I did that instead.


I went to SF for Jackie’s grandmother’s birthday party today. I think it went really well overall, though Jackie was stressed as shit when I got there and I did my best to chill her out. Mostly she was losing it because after weeks of practicing making red velvet cupcakes, today the batch she made came out too dense and not very flavorful. So we had her cousin Andrew go get some store boughts and then decorated them ourselves. Jackie had done a ton of handmade dessert (the dessert pie, hand molded chocolates, hand done popcorn funnels...and she was afraid her friend Karen who bakes was going to judge her. If Karen did, I didn’t hear her say it though!

Twenty four people were invited, family, family friends, and Jackie’s friends, at a Chinese restaurant, which was a bit surprising because Jackie, despite being Chinese, claims to not like Chinese food (but eats the other Asian cuisines). The restaurant was very good and she had tons of food, albeit I was a bit disconcerted at the chicken dish that included the chicken’s head. I didn’t really want to eat that dish so much after that. I sat at the “friends” table, so that was fun. It was interesting to meet a lot of the folks I’ve heard about over the years, I can say that.

A few folks ended up not going, but mainly Jackie’s mom (who is doing a lot better since the stroke, or at least she’s back to work and driving herself about) was a concern. The party started at 5:30 and she didn’t show up until 7:05, which was making Jackie pissed and saying that her grandma would be pissed. My best guess as to what was going on was that her mom wanted to make party favor bags of tea and hot chocolate, as she passed them out to everyone. Her mom was also very nice to me and gave me all of the Chinese food leftovers to take home, which was a LOT.

I made six yarn pies and a rainbow birthday cake for her grandma, which was much appreciated by all, and that’s good. Her grandma seemed to have a good time. Jackie was still stressed about her mother (who is driving her nuts) and saying that people would judge her for that, and I said no, that’s on her, not you.

There was also an Amazing Candle that we all enjoyed...until it continued to play music and not turn off. I ended up basically dismantling the flower trying to figure out how, ended up pulling out the music bit somewhere in the bulb, and threw it away outside in the public trash...where it was still playing an hour later as we left.

Anyway, I had a much better time being around well, anyone’s relatives than I expected to!

In other news, I squeezed in a brief trip to the Concord Joann’s on the way down and was brutally disappointed. I found two awesome coat patterns this week and wanted to look for supplies for them:

(a) Large yarn for a very fancy cabled coat
(b) A Tunisian crochet hook for another fancy coat
(c) Beads to replace the beads falling off my show costume.

I found none of that. No matching beads. No Tunisian crochet hook. And I was totally fucked on the yarn bit. I did a gauge swatch for the cabled coat and it had a gauge of 3 stitches to one inch, which FUCK ME, I can only get with super bulky yarn and size 13 needles (note: not the “chunky” and size 10’s the designer used). Unfortunately, super bulky yarn only came in (a) chenille blanket, which I didn’t want and is hard to work with, or (b) only came in balls that have less than 100 yards in them, which means hella more expensive, and I’d have to get like 17 balls of yarn at $5 to 6 apiece. Also, they’re not going to have 17 balls of ANY yarn in the same color and dye lot anywhere. Fuck me, I can’t do this one. Dammit.

I have also decided to lay off the synchronicities. Seeing hearts on every fucking thing is getting nutterpants and I think I’m just being craycray about it. That said, I did have one 1:11 spotting moment and wanted to kick myself. I need to game the system to NOT do this, like go to bed early, be distracted around 11:10 and 1:10, etc.

I also saw a lot of ads for Hamilton ($75 orchestra seats!) on BART and I continue to be annoyed that I would like to go, DON’T feel safe going alone in SF whatsoever (the theater area is...yikes), and can’t get anyone to go with me. Mom ignores my asking on this topic. And this is especially annoying when a certain person will mention that he wants to go again and I say that I’d like someone to go with, but guess what, can’t do thaaaaaaaaaat.

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