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Green Screen Issues 2

2020-11-09, 7:52 p.m.

Lioness did say in a meeting "This is why I go to work, for the sanity," but I think that had something to do with her fire alarm going off at 3 a.m. for no good reason. I used to go to work for the sanity, but that was back around 2007.

I also saw Lioness post a dancing ape emoji in response to something I said, I have no idea why, and then Adventure Girl later sent me a dancing Baby Groot emoji. Didn't even know that was in Slack. Very cute.

Work is back to pissing me off again. It was a nice three weeks of not feeling The Rage. Problems, problems, problems, all urgent and have to be done right now, and right after I submitted something "oh, btw, here's like 50 more things for it!" so I had to cancel it and will have to start all over again tomorrow, and of course this crap comes up after everyone else (everyone else works earlier shifts than I do) has left for the day.

Grrr, argh.

There is good vaccine news out today!

Mom called at the start of rehearsal: (a) would I like a honey baked ham shipped to me for dinner on Thanksgiving (maybe? it's frozen, I guess), (b) she's still somewhat iffy stomachwise, and (c) "I sent you a text! You didn't respond!" To which I was all "you sent me a text AFTER you told her no and then you called me, I needed to know this BEFORE you did it to head you off at the pass," and she just kept on fighting with me and saying that Jackie was all business and I told her I had rehearsal and I had to go and I don't want to fight about this and it's too late to stop the damage now and no, I don't know if she's still mad or not, we didn't discuss it but god knows I'm sure she'll bring it up every other time for the rest of my LIFE.

In other news, Shanna and Kelly texted like 90something texts today, almost all of which won't download. GODDAMMIT I AM SO SICK OF THE TEXT ISSUE, I LOOKED THROUGH THE ENTIRE INTERNET AND THERE IS NO FIX. Okay, they finally downloaded around 9 and ah....I got it all out of order but it seemed to have gone into really weird political territory because Shanna doesn't like Biden (which, not gonna argue but at this point I'd literally vote for a dead rodent over Trump). I think the final fix was changing which network my phone was on and putting it on the 5G one. But still, hoooooo boy.

Rehearsal was the longest, most booooooooooooooooooooring one I have ever had in my life. Now, I say this as someone who loooooooooooves rehearsal normally. The first hour was checking everyone's screens again, fine, but the second and third hours were just being forced to just STAND THERE FOR TWO HOURS while the tech people did... something.... hurts your back and is boring as shit and I had the fidgets SO BAD and I desperately want to run around the building screaming (but of course I can't, would give everyone Covid and it is night and 41 degrees out), or at least sit the fuck down, which I finally got to do at 8:09 when they started actually running most of the first act. JI's a 45 minute first act, we skipped the first 10 or so, and still didn't finish out tonight before 9. During the two hours of "just stand there" they dictated to us what to do for the rest of the first act blockingwise. Not too complicated for me, mind you (walk on, look at spiderweb, look at pig, walk off), but the standing there while this went on was driving me maaaaaaaaaaaaad. I tried to read off my phone, tried to download texts off the phone, desperately wanted to go get a book or my charger or ANYTHING because the battery was draining and AIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

Green screen acting is NOT FUN. Just saying. They did say that they are inventing NEW things that nobody's ever done before for this show, so that's a thing. I hope it's worth it because not even being able to see what others are doing on their screens is annoying AF and hell if I know if I miss a cue or not (see below).

Tomorrow is costume drama. The locals are literally going to have costumes dropped off in the middle of the night (is that a Vegas thing?), DO NOT OPEN UNTIL TOMORROW, and if you have an orange costume and don't like, please politely do not complain about it. As far as I know I have a dress/apron/shoes/purse, so I'm not sure why that's 4 boxes....I guess we'll see.

Quotes and notes:
There was debate as to whether or not Karen and Tom could work in separate rooms.
"It would be really hard unless I shipped my family away for a week." -Karen
"Unless you want to." -Tom

"Do I have 22 minutes to do more finessing?" -Spadoni "
"Jack, could you just stand in your screen for....way too long?" -Spadoni
"There will be no shame if you have not spiked, but there will be shame in an hour if you have not spiked." -Mac (spike = putting tape on the floor or something so as to remember where to put your cameras and lights.
"Let's say you have a dog and your dog runs through and your green screen gets all wooby...." -Mac explaining spiking to Paige.
FYI: they want to see the edges of each green screen, a bit of the top and a bit of the floor.

Stuff Kearsten said while doing the stage directions that I wrote down because I was bored: "It's like in Toy Story, the adults come back and you all pretend to be normal animals again."
"Let me get my wife. Who is standing next to him, so that's illogical." -Kearsten cuts a line of Homer's.
After giving us permission to use our script books for the new blocking only: "If you are needing your script for words, you need to get it together."
"You will not be able to pet Wilbur at this point in time." -to Riley
"The magic set will have a magic pig trough."

Tomorrow, we need to discuss what happens if someone suddenly disappears from the Internet, which happened when Illy/Fern cut out on a line of hers and the screen is so far away I can't even tell (nor can anyone else).

Anyway...I don't normally have moments of 'this shit is not going to come together in time" but right now I am having Concerns, like maybe we push back the show another week! One week for tech seems short under the circumstances.

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