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Double Fashion Shows

2013-11-10, 9:52 p.m.

It's been an eventful weekend...and there's still one more free day of it! Huzzah!

I spent my weekend off and on in Sacramento. There was a textile show and craft fair that I went to last year with L. This year I went alone (sigh), but I ended up going on both Saturday and Sunday because they were having fashion shows on both mornings. I'll admit that the first show was more to my taste than the second--the first was unusual fiber work and the second show (a college student run one) was quite short, but it worked out to go on both days very well.

I was kind of lost finding the place on the first day--my GPS has been keeling over a lot lately and doing strange things and I ended up not finding the parking lot we parked in last year. I ended up parallel parking on the street by the park (successfully!) and then wandering basically through the entire park. I saw two older ladies wandering through looking lost and I figured they were looking for the same place that I was. They, in turn, saw what I was wearing and reasonably figured the same thing, so we all wandered around lost together until someone else told us it was on the next block. We adopted another lost chick briefly while we were all trying to find our way in, and then I went up to the front to take pictures of the show. I am still working on uploading them--my webhost somehow is just NOT liking me putting that set of pics up for some reason and hasn't done them all yet. Grrr. Anyway, the show was good, and people liked my outfit and that was a yay, and then I went to my favorite booths looking for more cool things like I got last year. Unfortunately, all the T-shirt dresses were clearly meant for long-waisted people and did not look good on me (too bad, the styles were really cute), and the one thing I wanted from the sweater lady did not appear to be on sale (long story), so I didn't buy anything--but felt bad about it. I should feel happy when I leave without buying anything, but I don't.

I had parked pretty close to a rose garden, and I went around taking pictures of it for awhile. It did remind me of that rose garden, especially the paths....but eh, it's probably nothing. It was a pretty little garden, though, and I enjoyed taking shots of it. Then I went back to town and uh, this story happened. I am still cringing in shame and I am never, ever going by that house again.
I went back to my place for a few hours to work on NaNo, and then I went back into Sacramento for a write-in at 3. The good news was two folks I knew showed up. Though it was...very quiet. I enjoyed the chatting we did at the end of the night, but man, I think I miss the write-ins where people actually talked more (see below). Then I went home and did the laundry and watched Stick It...again and again and again because that DVD has commentaries.

I went back to the craft show again today, this time wearing this jacket, which was also admired, including by the lady I bought a sweater from last year. Since my making it was inspired by her work...I'm glad she didn't uh, mind or anything. I also ended up being able to buy what I had my eye on in the show after all, hooray! I also picked out a present for L for the holiday season at a booth she liked last year.

I also made some friends in the audience during the fashion show. There was one lady I met when I was out with L and went to a craft meetup with her in Sac once upon a time that recognized me and we chatted for awhile. And then one of the chicks I walked in with yesterday was happy to find me again and sat and chatted with me for probably almost an hour after the show ended. I got business cards from both of them. It'd be fun to run into them again, though I'm well aware of the odds of us actually getting together without another coincidental meetup/regular excuse to get together is unlikely. But both of them are interested in taking mosaic again whenever the hell it runs, so.... at the very least I need to remember to tell them when I know it's going again.

After that, I went home again, went to the gym, and then went to a local write-in, which was...kind of uncomfortable and very quiet. Oh well, at least I ran into a guy from the CC working there and talked to him. I finished off the day by finding some very large pinecones that I plan to decorate as little Christmas trees (just for the lulz) and then went to see Thor 2. It was a pretty funny movie. Not entirely sure what was going on in the plot exactly, but there's a lot of funny moments, so I'm good with that.

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