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2005-11-11, 12:56 p.m.

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Most of this week has been kinda sucky. Except for Tuesday's conference and (as usual) Wednesday nights, it's been another one of those "Fuckin' A, I'm sick of life sucking and having no hope of it improving" weeks. Mom's been all depressed and moping that "I need a man" because she screwed up her phone for 48 hours and couldn't get it to work, and I haven't exactly been feeling all that great to hold her up either. I said something to Jess yesterday along the lines of "The sad thing is that compared to how NEXT year is going to go, this year is going to seem like I spent it on my own private island being fed bonbons by cabana boys."

The whole hopeless life thing sucks to hell.

So where am I going with the perky title of this thing?

Mom does various random crap for Rotary, and one of the things she does it that she works on this richie-rich auction. She tends to buy some fancy outfit for the deal and goes on about the dinners they serve. She used to bring Dad to the thing...then in later years, I had to come home on this weekend to babysit Dad.

Now this year, since I don't have to babysit him? Guess who's being allowed to go for free as Mom's date?

So since I got the official word on this (last night- yeah, Mom always does stuff at the last minute), I've been running around through my wardrobe trying to find something appropriate to wear to a richie-rich bash with an "Oscars" theme.

This will probably surprise everyone here that knows what a clotheshorse I am, but I don't really HAVE anything that appropriately rich-looking to wear. As has been previously stated to me over the course of my entire life, I don't have anywhere to wear that fancy of stuff to. The last time I got THAT dressed up was the last prom I went to.

I wonder if my mom still has any of my old prom dresses? I've got one I used to call "The Man-Catcher" (it worked!) that I can probably still fit into.... course, Mom has all of those clothes buried in the guest bedroom closet, and the entire guest bedroom is buried under five miles o' crap, so whether or not she has it is kind of a moot point. The same goes for my own bedroom closet. So it's up to me to filch through my closet up here and see what I've got that's suitable.

The three contestants:
(a) A black dress Jess gave me that's very lovely, though a little big and probably needs to be adjusted before it gets worn out in public.
(b) A red velvet halter dress, which is also nice, but has very little back and a short skirt and uh, ain't exactly something one wears in colder temperatures.
(c) The gorgeous black-with-red-poppies dress I got for $5 at the thrift store when I was costume-shopping. Okay, so it's obviously cheap fabric, but it's gorgeous and when I bought it, I thought I'd never get to wear out outside of my house before the spring. It's got a longer skirt, I've got a shawl and scarf that match it and my new velvet jacket could work with it too...

I'm bringing all three of those, plus another shawl and a velvet skirt, and I'll let Mom decide which one is the most appropriate to wear in public. Though I must admit that trying to pack all of that crap in a duffel bag pretty much rules out me bringing much to wear for the rest of the weekend :P

And now I should wind this up to see if my laundry's done and I can FINISH the packing I've spent most of the day doing (instead of working out at the gym, ahem).

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