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2003-11-12, 7:49 p.m.

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Reasons Why Today Sucks:

(a) Having a fire right across the street from your apartment at 7:30 a.m. Which is comforting when they're going to shut the water off at your apartment at 9 a.m. This also made it uh, difficult to catch the bus this morning when the bus stop is blocked off by the police. Plus there were two creepy guys catching it with me, one who seemed ahem, slow and the other was one of those who'll be all "Wow, don't like me, don't you, fucker?" if someone ignores them on the bus.

Though it could have been worse- my coworker told me that I should have stayed home and one time during college they'd had a fire in their apartment right when she had to take a final! (Yes, she took the final.)

(b) Having fun catching this bus this morning when you have a meeting at 8:15 that it looks bad if you're not on time for. I could have gotten a ride with Heather (who was up this morning!), but she wanted to take a shower before the shutoff and again, timeliness issues.

(c) Aforementioned meeting, which is normally a few minor announcements and fluff, instead turning into "Oh, look, we have a GUEST SPEAKER! Isn't that GREAT!" Which is unfortunately reminiscent of the club I used to be in which made enormous big deals about speakers that turned out to be dull as shit. And frankly, I uh, had no idea what the hell she was talking about for 30 out of her 45 minutes of speaking. The abbreviation they were referring to, well, the only thing I knew that that stood for was a design school. I think what it ended up being about was "Students Who Get Married, Change Their Names, And Thus Annoy The Hell Out of Everyone Who Keeps Records." Suffice it to say, not something I will end up using because I don't enter people's names in. Though I will say this for the head of the department: he didn't extend the meeting after she'd gone on through it to make announcements. (I'm not sure he could have though, when people have to start on shift at 9.)

(d) Basically, today I was in one of those moods where I just wanted to sit quietly at my desk, not have to be social, and just do my job. But uh, today was not one of those days. Instead, I had to be social and do two interviews again, as the other hired person backed out. Gah.

(e) My router has disappeared. I have no idea where it went because I don't even touch it!

Reasons Why Today Improved Some:

(a) Hill will be coming to visit around January 6.

(b) I won three auctions of stuff I wanted, so that's a yay.

(c) I got e-mail from my cousin Matt, who said he'd lost the auction link and wanted to bid on something. Well, we'll see, but still, sweet.

(d) Also got e-mail from someone today saying she would bid on my stuff if she wasn't broke. Awww.

(e) Also got e-mail from the long-lost Christine, an old friend and another one of the ex's exes. I'm relieved to hear from her, since she had cancer last time I heard from her like a year ago. Sounds like she's doing better there, at least. Phewie.

(f) I got my NaNoWriMo stickers today!

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