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Textiles, Ol' Squeaky, Target, and Skyfall

2012-11-12, 9:12 p.m.

So the 3-day weekend was fun. L and I had planned on going to Apple Hill this weekend. But her car had the engine light go on (it was eventually determined to be "faulty wiring") and she took it into the place I rented a car from before for repair. The guy gave her a loaner. On the one hand, it was nice that he gave her a loaner. On the other hand...we thought this must be the very fucking last car in the shop. We did not go to Apple Hill because she didn't trust this thing to drive far away from anywhere that could tow it.

Let me describe this car: It was an old white Volvo. That REEKED OF POT. The entire ceiling had had its fabric ripped off. It had incredibly squeaky brakes you could probably hear from blocks away, and made me seriously wonder about a repair shop that couldn't fix that. And it literally had a "kill switch" in it that you had to flip off so it wouldn't have the battery totally drain away while the car was parked. I called it, "Ol' Squeaky."

L was fine with driving it to Sacramento, but...not so much otherwise. I couldn't blame her. She asked if I could get a Zipcar for Apple Hill on Sunday, but you cannot get a car for the entire day on Zipcar on a weekend with a day's notice. The earliest I could get it was 3 p.m., so we gave up on the idea.

But on Saturday we went to the Art to Wear fashion show and craft fair put on by the Sacramento Center for the Textile Arts. It was a lot of fun. The emcee was a goofball and kept ah, borrowing items off of people. She loved hats, and started out wearing her own hat and bragging about it...then ah, making off with someone's hair bow during the show. And some scarves. And she saw the sweater I was wearing in the front row (this one, it's first day out) and had me model. This was a crafter's show, so folks walked around letting you touch the clothes. It was a hoot.

I fell in love with the work of one woman who made some awesome knitted peplum jackets. I ended up buying one. It was $200 (for those of you who have ever wondered why you never see sweaters for sale, THIS IS WHY), but worth it. L and I want to try to figure out how to make one ourselves. I also bought a T-shirt dress. L got a lot of tie-dye. People at the show loved my sweater and it was a lot of fun.

There has been a lot of yarn bombing going on on campus lately, and I have decided that I want to join in on the action. I am in the habit of knitting garter stitch scarves while in the movies with whatever stray bulky yarn I found around the house. Some of those have come out long enough to be actual scarves--I donated those to a charity drive--but some balls of yarn just weren't that long. So I have started putting them together to decorate a pillar. This may take me awhile, though.

On Sunday, we used my Zipcar time to go to Joann's. I wanted to get a few more skeins of yarn, and L wants to learn how to sew, so I helped her figure out how to buy fabric. She was amazingly fast at it for a newbie, which was impressive.

Today I used my Zipcar time (booking it for last week and this week) to go to the grocery store, drug store, and Target. Mostly I seemed to spend a lot of time looking for exotic candy, and found it. In addition to food, I found a ton of cheap pretty small ornaments for the Tiny Tree Collection.

And then L met me at the movies to go see Skyfall. I have reviewed it most thoroughly with spoilers aplenty over here. I got a fair chunk of work done on more yarn bombing, though.

Oh, and L had her car back on Monday. She said the guy asked her how she liked basically not having a car all weekend, and said he would have given her a better one had he known it was going to take all weekend rather than a few hours to fix the car. He also said that that car may be theft-deterrent material, but it has never been towed. If only we'd known that yesterday...

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