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First Last Dress Rehearsal

2020-11-12, 8:07 p.m.

Today I had to take the car to get an oil change, which it hasn't needed since January. So after having a lovely dream in which Monica and I were at another con--and then I realized, oh wait, there's a pandemic, none of us have masks and have been gathering, now we're all going to get it--I had to get up at 7:30, put on enormous layers of clothing because it was 32 degrees out, and go wait for first come first serve at the SpeeDee. (Meanwhile, the guy next to me? Fucking shorts and a T-shirt. HOW?!?! I have lived in California all my life, I know men run hotter, but STILL.)

Mostly what sucked here was that I couldn't go wait in their tiny waiting room for an hour and I had to be out in the cold to wait. BLECH. I ended up walking through the nearest park, which was the greenbelt area I used to go through all the time in the beforetimes. I admit I missed it and wondered what had happened there since I was last there. Not much, other than social distancing posters and anti-bullying posters (why?!) and the grass kinda dying. People were wandering through, almost all with masks, and I kept walking off the path or going slow to avoid them. So I can at least say I got an hour of exercise in the sun in today, even if I can't say I really enjoyed it under the circumstances of pandemic and 8 a.m. and freezing. Hopefully I wasn't too near people for very long at the oil change to cause me to come down with something, and the owner lady definitely swabbed down my keyfob and credit card before handing them back.

I did get some nice emails from a few Winters folks--Jim, Brunette Sarah, Robert, and then Jesse wanted photos of the green screen process. Kelly also said that someone she knew knows someone who is looking for a last minute actress around my age for a show later this month, and I said yes, please, and then the guy sent me an email, so I sent him the resume/old headshot and my various YouTube links if he feels like it. Fingers crossed!

Work: still kinda annoying. Mostly because Yet Another International Client Didn't Get His Important Documents AGAIN (every effing day, that was most of my day), but this one threw a shit fit and called multiple people to complain about the policy where ordering a second one after the first was lost in the mail means it says "reissued" on it. And by shit fit, I mean "threatening to sue." JOY. I personally disagree with this stupid policy very much, people throw fits about it, and ESPECIALLY international clientele throw fits about it, saying it isn't fair. Which it isn't. But I have been told for years "it's (GIANT ORG above my giant org) policy." To which today I got "please show me where the policy is," and I gave the same answer I've been giving for years every time someone asks: Literally there is nowhere I have ever found this stupid policy written down anywhere on the Internet. My boss was asked for where this is. She doesn't really have anything either. As far as I know, Grandboss may be the only person who's ever found this stupid policy anywhere. So now we are waiting on a verdict from Grandboss on the whole dumb thing.

It makes me crazy: it'd be SUCH AN EASY FIX, would make everyone happy, and following this STUPID RULE only pisses people off and especially pisses off foreign governments. And there isn't even real evidence of Stupid Policy. Why do I have to again? But I am, as usual, the wrong messenger for this sort of thing.

Rehearsal: last one! One hour of being scrutinized while you stand around, 25 minutes of breaktime in which I asked what the heck the blocking was, then fifteen minutes of pep talk, then the run.

Quotes and notes:
"Sorry, you all are in your meat crates." -Mac, as corrected by Spadoni.
"My computer fell off the desk and kinda broke...." -Ava, one of the costume people, unable to see much of anybody....
"I didn't know if Templeton would wear earrings, but...shiny things." -Katherine
"Crying already, that's a good sign." -Spadoni (to who, I do not know!)
"This is Neon Spark's final last dress rehearsal ever! Very exciting!" -Mac
"The best thing about Charlotte's Web is you guys!" -Mac
"You guys ask the most interesting questions!" -Mac
"My green screen is trying to murder me." -Paige
"Every scene has its own reality." -Spadoni
"I am so proud of my barnyard lunatics." -Sean
"This is a new style of theater that's happening and you are at the forefront....What you are doing is literally groundbreaking." -Sean
Paige wants a shirt from this show. Me too. "I want a shirt that says Barnyard Lunatics."
I love how ABSOLUTELY CHILL Homer is about the pig being out. He is just not at all fazed by this. "Eh, Edith can go after him, she's already out gathering eggs" is the attitude. "If you kick your camera in the face...." -Kearsten
"I pretty much apologize just for existing." -Kearsten. (Me: "me too!")
"Everyone should do the free time dance." -Sean
"The worst thing happened to a director: I started watching the show." -Sean
"No more Jake. Jake is goodbye." -Sean "I'm still here!" -Jake
"This is one of the last times I'll say this: goodbye, barnyard lunatics!" -Paige
"It takes one million Spadonis to run the show." -Kearsten on the sheer number of windows the guy has up in Google Meet.
"I'm so hard on the mute button today." -Kearsten

Rehearsal went pretty well--god, I hope I got the blocking and the "who I'm looking at" right and I asked afterward and they said I did--but Jack and Illy forgot their lines a few times and skipped ahead, cutting some of mine off. Grrrr. They did say they would flip you if they had to if you look the wrong way, at least.

We'll see how it goes tomorrow.... I confess I kind of hope if anyone I know watches it live, maybe do one of the later shows :P I don't really know if/when anyone is for sure though, other than Brunette Sarah

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