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Friday the Thirteenth Tech Disaster

2020-11-13, 8:10 p.m.

I can't sleep in winter. It's freezing cold in my room, I pile everything on, then I woke up around 3 a.m. with very hot legs and no matter what else I took off, I could never get back to sleep again. Which is a shame, because I was having this dream about being in the Old West. Not that I am particularly into cowboys/that time period, mind you, but being out of this time period was really awesome and I wanted to go back to sleep and keep on having that dream.

Work: annoying again, as ever. Hope (formerly New Girl) and I spent a lot of time grumbling about how ridiculous our systems are. The girl threatening to sue is going to get what she wants, but Hope had to go tell her more bad news, i.e. it may take a looooooong time to get her Important Document Minus The Offensive Text. I got ripped a new asshole because someone discovered a technical problem on her Important Document--not my fault, but she has my name so she's gonna yell at me. I reported it to the authorities. Meanwhile the whole Offensive Text issue, in general, has yet to be decided by the higher authorities.

We had to have a meeting with another office and I can say that they were very nice and friendly and "We will totally take corrections and not be offended if you say anything," so that's nice.

Never heard back from that director guy, I assume I looked too young for whatever he wanted, oh well.

Charlotte's Web, Show #1:

Well, that was a complete and total trainwreck!

Pre-show was fine, stand around in green screens and get checked off, inspirational talk, little break, blah de blah, NBD. They started a little late, they didn't particularly tell us why but just started about ten minutes late, everyone goes as planned except I get annoyed at Jack and Illy for forgetting lines and cutting ahead and cutting off some of my lines (grrr). I slightly bungled one but oh well, you got the point, I think I just left out the word "runt" there or something.

THEN AT INTERMISSION they were all "So yeah, we had this giant crash, we've been trying to work on things but it's getting really difficult, so we're just gonna have you put your laptops back to normal" (that's when I knew it was serious, y'all) "and everyone's just going to literally see your green screen, and don't bother with the blocking and just direct your lines to the camera.... we're just gonna focus on your acting right now."


Also felt kinda bad that I haven't exactly cleaned up the kitchen too much--been busy of late and haven't done dishes since Wednesday and I have various foodstuffs that don't fit in the cabinets out on the counter, and now everyone could presumably tell that last bit. Bleah. That sort of thing was supposed to be cut out by technology!

I have no idea if anyone I know was watching tonight or not, as folks have given me vague hedgy answers about wanting to see it (I did email the one person who said she was watching it recorded to say GOOD MOVE) and I know better than to ask because I am not gonna be a "go see my show" theater nag and I only mention shows to people who ask about it/are into shows anyway. But good lord, I hope nobody I know saw this one, because what a disappointment after I promised all this crazy interesting tech was supposed to go on. Feh.

I'm told 80-100ish got tickets, and they are going to email people after the show...I don't know what they are going to say, though! As of the end of the show, they didn't know what was going on yet, if it's fixable for tomorrow or what or if everyone adapts/wings it/whatever. I did suggest that we could just use Zoom backdrops or something (oh wait, now we're in Google Meet, I dunno if that works) if all tech is out the window, they might go for it. They were all "welcome to our behind the scene show for act 2!" at the time.

Given my annoyance at line-dropping, I appreciated Karen saying, "Since I don't have much to do, I usually follow the script and there are a LOT of lines that were dropped tonight that are pretty good, you might want to review your scripts and put them back in," to which I was all "hear, hear." Kearsten was all, yeah, we understand that everyone was thrown off tonight, but "tomorrow there will NOT be a drastic change in the script...." There was stuff about there are a lot of road options and other roads if they have to.

The recorded show may be all one (successful, one hopes) show, or that they cut together various parts of the shows. I assume this one is NOT going to be the recorded one, there were a lot of comments about a blooper reel (see below).

Quotes afterward: "I love you all, barnyard lunatics!" -Sean (Paige was all, "Woo, barnyard lunatics!")
"It should be a very exciting weekend for all...." -Kearsten
"It was so cool to watch you adapt." -Sean, who also quoted someone or other about "sometimes the theater world throws you a gauntlet and you rise and overcome."
Paige, who changes clothes off and on to play the announcer, said she was trying to "subtly change" so people didn't notice that, and something about "the loudest thing in the universe."

"I suggest a blooper reel for today." -Riley
"All in favor of a blooper reel, say aye." -Jett
Kearsten: (a) last night they had bloopers of Tiny Tom on the pig trough, (b) "Moving forward, NO MORE BLOOPERS WILL OCCUR," (c) there will be no blooper reel for several weeks--call it a December treat--"until everyone is rested and stops crying." (d) "No matter what kind of kerfluffle there was, there was some good stuff too."

"Acting in the eye of a hurricane by your onesies." -Kearsten.

Anyway, I'm drinking alone now...we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I am restraining myself from texting anyone to say anything, under the circumstances. I am also watching Robin Hood, one last time before it's taken down tomorrow (bleah, why take it down?). It got 233 views, which is just fine by me. I'm happy to get to pass things off to the occasional person who might watch something, but God help me if I ever get involved in anything that becomes an Internet sensation.

I did also finish the knitting project I've been working on--designing my own bolero--so that's pretty cool.

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